Statement by Mr. Che Guevara (Cuba) before the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1964

United Nations, 11 December 1964 – Statement in Spanish by Mr. Che Guevara (Cuba) before the United Nations General Assembly (19th session, 1299th meeting).
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Speaking on behalf of Cuba, Argentinean-born Ernesto “Che” Guevara responds to questions regarding his accent, affirming he is Cuban and willing to die for the liberation of any Latin American country.
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  1. Terrorism is the war of the poor and war is terrorism of rich. You call Che Guevara a tyrant a person who lived for his ideas and who died for his ideas. A revolutionary who died for a great cause. Long live che!Long live the revolutioN

  2. I don't understand why the UN have to advertise communism showing this killer statement which was all lies…. That is why Cuba and Venezuela are the way they are right now.

  3. Fucking imbeciles in this comment section. “My idol” and “hasta siempre, comandante”, stop it with this bullshit. He put guns to innocent peoples head and mercilessly pulled the trigger for “crimes against the state”. Communism or socialism doesn’t work, period.

  4. Even his walk to the podium is powerful in itself.
    Che Guevara isn't just a hero for what he did but he's a legend for what he stood for. America convinced the world Che was evil, had him assassinated and thought that was it. America is still afraid of everything Che Guevara stood for.
    Much respect and love for Ernesto Che Guevara. May his legacy live on!! Aboriginal Australians look at Che as a warrior for his people & justice. 💪🏾

  5. You cannot catch me I am a free bird and You can not kill me I am an immortal spirit. Revolutionaries never die as people live not due to their mere physical existence but they live through their thoughts and actions.

  6. Right or Wrong, if you look at this mans story, beyond the murders committed in Cuba, where he came from, his beliefs, he went from being a student , a traveler, to a revolutionist , all the way up to speaking at the UN and getting a standing ovation, is something to be respected. Che was and is something one can lean on for motivation by saying, you too can have a voice, you too can make a difference, it’s a matter of what you do with this voice and power once calming it. Was Che deceived by Castro? Was he deceived by other countries? Was he deceived in believing in one thing ultimately changing to another? The main goal is to fight for what you believe in and knowing it is JUST, and to create a better place in wake of the turmoil and oppression. I salute Che for many things.

  7. That is the spirit of humanity.Che was an outstanding character even after his heroic rest his image still represents the symbol of change, equity and revolution. A real guerillero heroico. Viva Che!!!

  8. If Ernesto che Guevara was murderer, then why he still influence the revolutionarys guards like George reddy telangana peasants armed struggle, those who talk about poor & against capitalism are dubbed as murderers, to them peace loving leaders are pol pot,idi amin, Augusto Pinochet, Adolf Hitler, shieks & amirs of Saudi & Kuwait. I am greatly influence by Che's revolutionary ideas, revolutionary dies, but revolution lives forever. Lal salaam to Che.

  9. The weird thing about communism is that leaders are portrayed in such a way that they are fit and look regal like some one who inspires them like flaming torch for generations.where as capitalist democratic nations leaders are kind of fat and non inspirational and look like their countries people forget them

  10. FYI, his name was Ernesto Guevara. He was Argentinean of birth; there, is customary for people to address each other as "ché," meaning pal, dude, friend, man, girl, so in Latin America we tend to nickname any Argentinean as "ché" adding the given or family name afterwards. In Chile there's a cartoon character called "ché Copete."
    The UN should have a little more knowledge of the basics of Latin American culture.


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