Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer and DeRay Davis lend their voices to an all-new military Sci-Fi adventure from the writer of Starship Troopers and Robocop, Ed Neumeier.

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  1. Can't believe that this didn't make it to the theaters. Pretty freaking BADASS AWESOME FLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It seems to me that the Mobile Infantry is almost like the Marines……..

  2. It's just terrible sequel after terrible sequel with this franchise! They should have stooped at the original movie and be done with it, or at the very least put real effort and time into the rest of the franchise!

  3. This flick was gottam Glorious! It included important shit from the book that the franchise (at least the first movie – i will have to track down and watch the others) left out completely. They were utilizing jetpacks to remain on the bounce and slangin' big boom tactical nukes. LOVED IT!

  4. movie is fucking awesome. it is the sequel that the orginal Starship Troopers deserved. spectacular that Casper Van Dien returned. would've been sweet is the rest of the original cast had as well, but damn, Casper is the man. fucking awesome.

  5. Found this animated version by accident.
    It was actually quite good.

    But bugs? God, how can they call those bugs? Those damned things are monsters.

    I was amazed by how realistic they had Diz walk. So sexy. only a handful of women actually walk like that, not sure how to describe it. When they step forward their shoulders move upward and forward.

    Oh, and I love how they had the women wearing a sleeveless top. OOF!

  6. guess he doesnt know about sucking on a small stone to create saliva? bout the only thing i learned in the Boy Scouts. once i made Tenderfoot, i quit. it was an obligation my mom forced me into, didnt get the point of it, but completed what she required. was never a joiner of social groups.

  7. Wow poorly trained. Don't seem to really know they're missions. Then just stand there when they land. Then let two of their own get killed and no one opens fire. They all hesitate and spout off crap about fear.. Sorry these are not soldiers.

  8. Better than I thought it would be. Loved the over-the-top sarcasm. The Dizzy portion was good, but went on too long. Would watch another. Sequel?
    Also, first…to remind you that Epstein didn't kill himself.
    May the Lord bless you – 2nd Timothy chap 2 verse 25

  9. This was surprisingly good, the one before this, (Marauder something) wasn't as good, the graphics and the story is good and the acting is on point I enjoyed this thoroughly. I love that they brought back some of the OG's too.


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