Star Wars: Squadrons – “Hunted” CG Short

The New Republic fleet strikes the Imperial dockyard at Var-Shaa. Pre-order STAR WARS™: Squadrons now to get cosmetic items featured in this short film:

The Empire’s retreat after a surprise attack marks yet another stumble in the wake of the second Death Star’s destruction. But for one member of Titan Squadron, the battle is far from over. Squadron Leader Varko Grey finds himself as the last TIE pilot on the battlefield, hunted relentlessly by a renegade New Republic X-wing in this standalone STAR WARS: Squadrons story.

Made in collaboration by Motive Studios, Lucasfilm, and ILM, “Hunted” is set before the events of STAR WARS: Squadrons, introducing you to one of the ace pilots who you’ll be fighting alongside in the story to unfold.

Master the art of starfighter combat in the authentic piloting experience STAR WARS™: Squadrons, available October 2, 2020 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC on, Steam, and Epic Games Store, and playable in Virtual Reality (VR) on PlayStation 4 and PC with cross-play support.

Pre-order to get the Var-Shaa Hunter and Var-Shaa Survivor cosmetic items, inspired by the short film:

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About STAR WARS™: Squadrons:

ALL WINGS REPORT IN – Plan skirmishes with your squadron in the briefing room before taking off to the evolving battlefields across the galaxy. Compete in intense 5v5 multiplayer dogfights or unite with your squadron to tip the scales in monumental fleet battles. Together, you’re the galaxy’s finest.

MASTER LEGENDARY STARFIGHTERS – Take control of different classes of starfighters from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets – including the agile A-wing and the devastating TIE bomber. Modify your ship, divert the power between its systems, and destroy your opponents in strategic space dogfights.

GET IN THE COCKPIT – The cockpit is your home. Use its dashboards to your advantage and – with just a thin hull of metal and glass between you and the perils of space – feel the intensity of combat from a first-person perspective. Take off in thrilling multiplayer modes and a unique single-player STAR WARS™ story, which covers a key campaign near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. Immerse yourself in the pilot’s seat completely with the option to play the entirety of STAR WARS™: Squadrons in Virtual Reality (VR) on PSVR and PC.

THE MISSION IS CLEAR – STAR WARS™: Squadrons is a fully self-contained experience from day one, where you earn rewards through play. Climb the ranks and unlock new components like weapons, hulls, engines, shields, and cosmetic items in a clear path for progression that keeps gameplay fresh and engaging.

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  1. The Star Wars universe is so much more than just Jedi, Sith, the Force and simple good vs bad…there are so many different stories that can be told.

  2. There needs to be a series about a soldier who fights despite the odds for the Empire, because s/he believes in the Empire with all his/her heart and knows the empire can restore balance and order to the galaxy. Or a trooper who hates the rebels because of their terrorist tendencies. A true loyalist who we can see is human like us, who we can sympathize with and root for.

  3. Now THIS is Star Wars. Whoever made this should have been given the honour of making Star Wars saga sequels. So many feels, a proper story and context. Very impressive visual quality and soundtrack as well. Imperials were the good guys all along!

  4. it's so sad that ea just sorta abandoned this game after launch because it is genuinely some of the most fun I've had in a star wars game in a long while

  5. It still pisses me off EA decides to give Imperial fans a middle finger and go "lol yea the Imperial story doesn't matter cause Linden survives and somehow FLIES a severely damaged X-Wing that SURVIVED A CRASH" I'm starting to think we WERE gonna get a Imperial campaign in BF2 then the execs meddled

  6. I wonder if there may be a Star Wars tale in which it would have that Romeo & Juliet-like theme??? One in which two fighter pilots, one who fights for The Empire while the other fights for the Rebellion, crash-land on a planet and have to depend on one another to survive until either 'party' comes to their rescue. And along the way, they fall in love with each other.

  7. I was fortunate enough to see an early screening of the new TOP GUN movie this past weekend and it is simply amazing!!! But I couldn't help thinking that it would serve as a perfect audition tape for Joe Kosinski to direct an upcoming Star Wars movie, particularly Rogue Squadron, which I believe has recently been deemed director-less.

    Kosinski would be perfect for a Rogue movie, based on his initial sci-fi movie with Cruise, called Oblivion, and now the Top Gun sequel. Not only does he have the technical chops for a Rogue Squadron movie, he did a great job bringing back the feeling (that lovin' feelin?) of the original Top Gun, the nostalgia was done respectfully with subtle Easter eggs, and to top it all off, they basically did an homage to the Death Star trench run training and execution.

    Many have said that the new movie is a love letter to aviation, which it is, but it's also a love letter to the original movie, that time period for film making, and the fans of the original film. It elegantly recaptured everything that made the original a classic, while building on the story and providing a sort of closure for those who needed it. My family I had an absolutely wonderful time at the big screen this past weekend, and I highly encourage all those 70s/80s kids to get out there and see it. Don't miss this one!!!

  8. Is it so hard to ask for a SW movie that just focuses on the imperials? Theres always two sides of the wars in these movies, let us see the conflict from the other side. The rebels weren't saints either, but Disney just wants to continue to paint them as the hollier than thou righteous warriors and label the imperials as space naz!s.

    There was people who actually did believe what the empire was doing was right. They were ordinary people like this pilot and his comrades.

  9. I thought Grey was cool especially with his backstory of being a police officer from Parkella. Knowing that he was working in a bribed force where bad guys could always pay their way out he couldn’t truly pin any criminal with crimes they commit. Joining the Empire allowed him to rightfully deliver justice when his local force wouldn’t.

    It’s very refreshing to see a positive perspective of the Empire. I’d love to see more.

    (That scene in Kenobi part 3 with the stormtrooper squad and Freck was so wholesome!)

  10. I loved getting to voice Varko Grey, and bring a different perspective to the Imperial side. I remember watching this for the very first time the day this short dropped… I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and that I got to be a part of the Star Wars universe. Hope folks enjoyed playing Star Wars: Squadrons, and a special welcome to my new Imperial pilots. Welcome to Titan Squadron. 😊

  11. Amazing, this is exactly what Star Wars needs more of. Seeing the Imperial view, especially from the Tie Pilots. There's so much potential to continue stories like this throughout the Star Wars universe!

  12. Like I get that the Empire is full of bad guys, and whatnot, but I really don't like that the Rebel forces continue to engage an enemy that is clearly retreating. The battle is over, they won, yet I guess they don't see it that way till every Imperial is dead.

  13. I think the TIE Bomber pilot which died was Titan 3 and the X-Wing pilot which died hunting Grey was Vanguard 5, which probably gives us the Star Wars Squadrons' plot.

  14. Honestly I feel like this premise would make for a good Star Wars solo story game, You are a expendable imperial pilot who is separated from his squadron, Is chased down and crashes premier to be dead, So the empire does not return to rescue you. On a rebel controlled planet you have to explore and find a way back to the empire while avoided being captured by rebels. Though with the fallen order series going on I don’t think this will make the cut


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