Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Official Teaser

“What is your next move, Jedi?”

Experience the next chapter of Cal Kestis’ journey in STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor – coming in 2023.

Picking up five years after the events of STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, Jedi: Survivor is a third person, narrative-driven action-adventure game from Respawn Entertainment, developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

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  1. 0:35. It's been alleged that in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Cal will go back to a single-bladed lightsaber as apposed to his double-bladed one capable of splitting in two. However, look at the hilt of the saber Cal's holding here. It looks long enough for a second blade to shoot out the other end.

  2. I personally have high expectations for this game. I thought the first game was amazing with the fun storytelling, great action, intimidating Villains and overall amazing gameplay. I really hope this game is longer than the first one empathize more with our characters because in a story like this Having likable characters is one of if not the most important things in a game like this. The first game has amazing characters and I hope this game explores more of their personalities more. This game series has potential to be a masterpiece

  3. I just finished the first game and I hope dearly I don’t have to fight anakain skywalker because that dude scared me hella lot when I saw him kill Stella. I almost quit playing when I saw him.

  4. For the sequel, I want the supporting characters to be more involved. I don’t want them primarily on the ship the majority of the game like the first one. The final mission with Cal and Cere was my favorite because some team shit was actually going down

  5. I just finished playing fallen order for the first time last week and man I’m stoked for this game! I wonder if it’s canon to the Star Wars universe

  6. I notice they don't show the game play. Maybe because the game play in the preceding game was so tired and well worn. Been playing SW games since the mid 90s and the Jedi game that preceded this? I was done with in a few hours, not cuz I finished it but due to being so unimpressed. lolz! I can't even remember the name of it!

  7. I put the speed to 0.25x at the duel part and noticed the lightsaber doesnt look like an inquisitor lightsaber.It looks like it isnt double bladed.It looks like starkiller's but there's no way he would be in the game he would completely destroy cal.

  8. I LOVE Cal Kestis and I cannot wait to play as him again. It is so awesome to see him getting his sequel. Imagine if he gets his own trilogy like the movies.

  9. I liked the fallen order because of the alien animal-type of enemies. It was different and gave you the sense of being on a new planet. I thought the fighting could’ve been a little more in depth, but I also enjoyed the simplicity of it. It hit the spot as a game.

  10. Could you imagine the hype it would cause if someone like Maul or Obi-Wan appeared in the game like Saw Gererra and Vader appeared in the last game? Can't wait to see what fan favorite characters appears in this one

  11. I don't mind if their are less collectibles in the game but please don't fill this up too with Panchos, Lightsaber & Spaceship skins.

    I wasted hours retracing my steps just to find a goddamn Pancho.

  12. I hope we get the duel blade and more Jedi armor in this game, also that we get to update all battle techniques and sabers for the game plus because they didn’t do it in The first and it will be good to see greez, Merin, cere this game is gonna be lit

  13. who knew starwars without the sjw bs could be fun? who knew you could just star a black character and not make a big issue out of it is actually fine?

  14. I will definitely play but WAY too many chests were just different colored shirts. Like 95% of the chests in the are just cosmetics. Who wants to change their outfit 100 times? I’d rather be rewarded with a currency or an item that actually serves a function.

  15. Star Wars comment are full of complain the typical word "they better don’t fuck up" so arrogant, just because your buy and invest in star wars thing doesn't mean you have a say in star wars industry your can cry whining all your want they know how star wars fan like to complain and whining even george lucas know it, they will only look at how much profit they made and ignore your complain and whining maniac,


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