Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Free Update

There’s no better day than May 4th to pick up your lightsaber and swing back into battle. This free update brings a host of new challenges for Cal and BD-1 to take on. A new Meditation Training feature allows you to test yourself against waves of powerful enemies in arenas across the galaxy. Craft your own to take on your most hated foes and alongside your favorite allies. Unlock new customization awards and embrace your dark side with the Cal Inquisitor outfit. Experience Cal’s epic journey anew in New Journey +, this time with all the cosmetics you’ve discovered unlocked. Step up to the challenge and May the Fourth be with you.

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  1. I have bought the game and have a group of friends that dont wanna buy it because of no multiplayer. You could do some online Battles like 1vs1 (or something else that we dont have that in Battlefront)

  2. Hey, is there a way to replace the Second Sister skin with Trilla? In the scenario mode she fights like she did as the last boss, but has the helmet. It's unneeded as we already know how she looks like.

  3. If we get another update, we should get Jedi robes and probably have the option of a helmet or hood, I feel that they would fit Cal's design and having the dlc mission that we got in the force unleashed, where we face of against two sith and our twisted dark selfs; for the sith, I named the first one Darth nihilate, a massive zabrak that uses a cross guarded lightsaber with the guards positioned in a v shape. His force attacks would storms of sith lightning and blasts of telekinesis. The other sith I called Darth Malice, a night sister who wields a light whip that is similar to warb null's lightsaber; one side is a blade (in this case the whip)and the other side will be another blade. Her abilities will be sith illusions to confuse us. And finally would be our dark selfs, the only change would be to give him dark side degregation, giving him corpse grey skin, yellow eyes sucken into darkened sockets and sharp teeth. What do you think

  4. Please give us loadout slots in Star Wars battlefront 2 we would love it and it would be easy to code and it would be a nice present before you leave the game to rot forever.

  5. When I get to Kashyyyk on PS4 after I travel from Dathomir the cutscene after I crash the AT-AT freezes up a few time but the audio still plays. I’m trying to make a Game play movie I’m following the Game by Chapter the story tells it by after 100% Completion I wish there was More Boss Battles. Maybe next game Cal Teams up with Galen Marek from the Force Unleashed.

  6. I have been playing this from the gamepass and I hate it. Like you never heard about flow in the game ? This game is very slow and boring. It´s more Tomb raider than Star wars. And those constant convoluded puzzles are not fun. And then your lightsabre feels like broomstick, every enemy in the game can defclect your lightsabre. And when Stormtroopers start to block your lightsabre that´s just retarded. Combat is nothing souls like, in Dark souls the enemies won´t have infinite poise, in this game they do. And like wallrunning wasn´t wonky enough at Titanfall you had implement it to this game as well, most of the time you just fall at least 5 times to your death before character actually connects to the wall, and same goes with grabbing to the ledges. And the main villain is really really lame, like Kylo Ren. Also why I can´t skip the cutscenes ?
    To the sequel, make it actually fun to play and not tedious and boring. Give me a proper Jedi power fantasy.
    Best thing about the game is deflecting enemy fire, that feels just right and it´s very satisfying to do. Unfortunately you don´t do that very often in the game. Also I like the idea travelling between the planets, too bad that any of them isn´t very interesting or fun to explore.

  7. Can we please get Jedi at EAplay this year, even just the title like they did with fallen order. Your not fooling anybody, we know your working on Star Wars projects EA. 👤

  8. I finished game on master-jedi difficulty, spent at least four hours to beat Malikos, and know what, didnt get any freaking achievement for it. Its unfairly. I think that there shouldn't be platinum achievement for weak jedis. Please fix it in sequel.

  9. I like how EA has to specify that it's "free" like that's a badge of honor or something for them. Free was the standard for many years EA, earning brownie points isn't gonna distract from your disgusting business practices.

  10. Well well. What can I say about this game…nothing. Ive finished it like if Ive never played it. Revenge of the sith on PS2 with Battlefront 2 were the Two Best Star Wars Games of all time. And still…
    I didnt really enjoyed the new Battlefront 2 game cause its Battlefield feeling not Battlefront feeling.


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