Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — Are You Ready to Reclaim the Sith Throne?

Unlocking Darth Revan will be no easy task. Complete your journey to the dark side by proving yourself in the fighting arena, combating old allies, battling merciless bounty hunters, and reliving the legends of the Old Republic!

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  1. First I thought It's the new community update video transmission for Capital Supremacy in Star Wars Battlefront 2, but then I realized this is just some shitty mobile game, that nobody plays…

  2. Im happy this game + battlefront 2 are still getting so much support

    BIG THANKS from all the Star Wars fans. I mean, we would probably still play if the games were bad cus it’s the only recent Star Wars games, but still thanks for making them enjoyable

  3. Question. My app is loading but goes into a black screen. Ive tried restarting phone. And force stopping the app but im not sure whats wrong with it.

  4. I kinda wish this game was more free to play friendly. If it is and I'm just being ignorant, I'm sorry. But from what I've seen, it's really hard to get really good without spending money.

  5. This is the only thing that could be me playing this game, but needing 4 four star heroes to get to the second part in such a short event, kinda weird.

  6. star wars battlefront 2 pandemic studios + mods it's much better than it is EA makes a raw product with very little content and some kind of dead game there is no sense of killing units all like rag dolls!!!


  8. I would ask u, EA. Is this how u promote SWGOH in the right way?
    Absolutely nonsense.
    There no trailer video about separatist territory battle unlike hoth tb. Wheres ur effort, i dont see anything? There also no hero spotlight and patch notes highlight. Even mobile legends can do better than you people. You should be shameful on your efforts.
    If you have no intention to promote this game, please tell players to quit. Lack of effort

  9. game to hard for some players which ain't good at game get event heroes. 2nd you nicknamed medical cruiser from return of Jedi and empire strike back home one when it really nothing more than medical cruiser.

  10. You don't care about the game do you? You are purposefully driving it into the ground aren't you? You don't deserve the playerbase and community that you have. Polluting an entire industry with your selfish and malicious business models. Thanks for making the world a worse place. Good Job!

  11. Until Darth Malgus awakens from his essence transfer mishap with his apprentice whatever was imbued with his essence should be found so i can bring the galaxy to peace through pure Force And Domination of all whom are to weak and cowardly to truly embrace and immerse themselves in the infinite depths of the dark side of the force . with Bogan. Running through and blanketing me with such power and knowledge to span eternity as a pure entity of the Dark Side lol or something like tha …. Eould be Amazing to see some of the other great ancient sith besides Revan or the Shan would pay to play that lol

  12. If EA made a Battlefront game with even half as many heroes as in Galaxy of Heroes and with an Old Republic Era (and obviously with no micro transactions) that would make every Star Wars fan happy.

  13. You guys are the worst you made a game where you ban people because they play other games! I DELETED the game as soon as I heard the news and I made my own fake contract which says that I will never play your game anymore unless you change and be respectfull to your player base!

  14. May Curses befall on utter greedy monsters Electronic arts and capitol games … they let customers pay for characters with hard earned money then literally make those same characters worthless after a few months … I sincerely hope you guys get covid for thieving your way through life! We have paid, with hard earned cash and then you destroy what we have worked for? Curses be on you all! May your money melt like water and make you unhappy in life, if you deserve it, for being such thieves!


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