Star Wars Battlefront II: Where are those Droidekas? — Community Update

In this update, droidekas roll out on the battlefront, TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tanks strengthen the forces of the Galactic Republic, and capital ships station themselves above Naboo in Capital Supremacy. Find out all the details in our latest Community Update video.

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  1. Is it me or I can’t seem to invite my friends when I’m in the Battlefront 2 menu. Like I don’t see him on my friends list but he is playing in the game. And yes I have him added, Idk if this is a bug or what. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me. It’s on PC btw

  2. Can you add grievous’s lair to the game? Big scary grievous picking you off one by one , Halloween 🎃 hero hunt? , can grievous claw rush be able to run on walls and ceilings

  3. You just made me throw up, seriously!? This game was so fucking unfinished it's ridiculous! The game came out in 2017! Y'all just added an essential infantry unit to the game??? For real?

  4. Why people say Battlefront 2015 is better than Battlefront II 2017 is beyond me. Sure the microtransactions are a pain in the ass, but since EA and Lucasfilm started adding all sorts of free content, I would say his game and made one hell of a comeback!

  5. 1:35 I love the way that clone trooper says " more on the way " so they will keep updating the game
    And I feel bad for people that uninstalled this game and dont play this game anymore F for them.

  6. You guys at DICE need to make it a absolute priority to make server browsers, I’m sick of being thrown in lobbies of GA with only 4 people. It’s only possible to get a game at certain times during the day pls dice especially in Australia it is much harder to get games consistently

  7. I cant be happy about this cuz of how this game released.
    I mean it's good its came out but it should been there from the start.

  8. We need Jedi master judd in the game he is awesome and you could earn a lot of money ea please read this although you probably won't he isn't a big character but he is really cool and used a light staff instead of a saber if you even read this which will already be good enough please reply as I want to know if you ever thought 9f this again he is cool and you could do a lot since he isn't known but he is a Jedi master who is powerful you could do a lot with that PLEASE READ THIS I WILL PUT THIS ON EVERY VIDEO

  9. I remember talking with my friend on discord about this and I called each ability the droideka would use, I said “they’re going to have the shield and ball form as abilities so the last one has to be a cool down or rapid fire”


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