Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

Ignite the inferno and burn the Rebellion to the ground in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II’s single-player campaign. Take on the role of Commander Iden Versio in a story following the destruction of the Death Star II and the death of the Emperor.

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Star Wars Battlefront II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Release Date: November 17, 2017

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  1. Makes me so sad to see all that wasted potential. They could have finally had a Star Wars campaign to rival that of Republic Commando's, and they threw it away. Such a waste.

  2. I'm pretty sure you had to become a rebel because they couldn't show the insides of the empire because of the new star wars movie that was coming out
    Apparently there would have been spoilers or it would've conflicted with the movies.
    Something like that, real shame.

  3. This looks far more better than what we got.

    The trailer makes the Inferno Squad look like their in very desperate time (well, obviously because the Empire is falling apart), and the trailer even makes their state of situation look every emotional.

    Even what we go from the game, theirs still some stuff that looks like it would have been in the actual game, like after Hask crashed landed, he went after Luke and you would get to decide who you would choose to fight as.

    I believe EA could have had an incredible opportunity with this story, but just didn't knew how to execute it properly.

    I do hope Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a success.

  4. Waou this game is just awesome finaly a game which say that we are in 2019 (even if its a 2017) compared to others realesed later after it :3
    THANKS EA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That character does not belong in Star Wars.

    Whoever designed her and created her. Fuck you and shame on you for bringing this irritating, horrible character in Star Wars.

  6. Anyone else get an extremely sociopathic vibe from many pf the supposed "good guys" in this campaign? Iden, Meeko, even Luke. They all rack up astronomical body counts, Iden and Meeko of their own former comrades, and they seem to feel nothing. At least the Empire's troops act angry when they're killing.

  7. "Avenge your Emperor!" they said. Bunch of liars.

    The empire used all his remaining forces on Jaaku….so….it means that The First Order has to restart….from nothing to finally have a firepower greater than the Empire? Stupid scenarists.

  8. First 4 Missions were great but then it became a predictable story. Should have at least not made them join the rebellion even if they betrayed their orders. Maybe they could have build a different group of imperials which seek revenge on the empire with those who fled out of VaRdos. The fact that she killed so many rebels and then suddenly joins them made no sense

  9. You guys should ask the night sisters in the dark side of the road or the Darkside hero that they will at you should I had with that update is a side asas Ventress

  10. I would've loved if Iden had stayed on the Empire's side. It would've been awesome to have a Star Wars experience as the bad guy.

    Maybe they could've had Hast and Del become Rebels and Iden takes on the Hast role of feeling betrayed by her comrades and goes on to wreak havoc in the name of The Empire and Operation Cinder.

  11. It seems like they wanted to make a story were you play from the eyes of the imperials and then after a bit of storyboarding they just was like "eehh imperials? yes or no, no"

  12. I love how you guys made it seem like the game was gonna be all Empire and showed most of the early missions scenes but boy were we mislead. However, I did enjoy being evil in squadrons but it was only because you had your dose of goodie two shoes with the New Republic.


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