Star Wars Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis Official Trailer

The Clone Wars have begun. Jedi hero Obi-Wan Kenobi and the new map Geonosis arrive in the latest update – free for all Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II players and available from November 28. Unlock the 212th Attack Battalion clone trooper appearances, more General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi appearances, drive the new STAP and BARC speeder, and dominate the battle with the AT-TE walker.

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  1. Ive watched this trailer quite a bit (its really well made) But oh my god I never noticed the transition at 0:45 from the Republic Starfighters to Poe's X-Wing

  2. Sadly, this update was more dissapointing than it should've been, geonosis, at least in galactic assault, is an experience which i avoid at all costs, obi wan was good, but grievous was an utter dissapointment to me. His movements are far too slow for what he was, his stamina, which should've been better than most, was the worst in the game, he could only use four arms for unrelenting advance, which is both hard to control and avoidable by the enemy turning and walking away, instead of him having four arms for a limited time, similar to the minigun on a heavy, it was a waste of potentially the coolest star wars character


    — The Nine Situations of Head-to-head:

    When we will be confronting in our own situation, then we call it a dispersive situation.

    When we will move in the situation of the republic (impious, iniquitous and perverse), without going deep into it, then we will call it an easy situation.

    When a situation whose possession for the separatists (The Sith) and the defenses of the republic (The Jedi) is linked to great advantages then we call it a disputed situation.

    A situation in which both (and malefactors) can move freely we call this an open situation.

    When we put ourselves in a situation that has a strategic value for three neighboring territories, so that whoever occupies it first controls large parts of the territory, we call it a strategic situation.

    When we deeply enter a situation (impious, wicked, perverse and evil) republic and behind us gather several troops of the republic (impious, wicked, wicked and corrupt) fortified, then we put ourselves in a critical situation (danger).

    When a difficult situation encompasses the whole situation that it is very difficult for us to get out of it easily, simply or quickly.

    When in a situation with difficult accesses, from which we can only get out (escape) by taking winding shortcuts, so that few forces (supports) of the republic (impious, iniquitous and perverse) are enough to massacre many of our own Sith (Satanists), we will call this a besieged situation.

    When in a situation where we can only save ourselves by directly confronting the Jedi (Christians) we will call it a no-win situation (escape and escape).


    Now, we must apply these nine situation types to our seventeen Strategies for Head-to-head.

    We will not confront in a dispersive situation.

    We won't linger on an easy situation.

    We will not attack in a disputed situation.

    We will not try to put ourselves in the way of republicans (impious, iniquitous, perverse and corrupt) in an open situation.

    When in a strategic situation we will do common things with our tactical allies.

    When we are in a critical situation, we will plunder (plunder) the republic (wicked, wicked, wicked and corrupt).

    When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we will always move forward.

    When in a besieged situation we will make use of our cunning.

    We will face in a situation with no way out.

    When we are in a strange situation, we have to aim well at the following conditions: the deeper we go, the greater the solidarity between us separatists and the more difficult it is for the republic (corrupt, impious, iniquitous and perverse) to defend itself against us (satanic ).

    In relation to entering a republican situation (wicked, wicked, perverse and Satanist) it is worth the following: the deeper we enter, the stronger are the tactical assault forces (supports) that sustain our separatist droid army.

    As soon as we abandon our planet and lead our army across the neighboring planet, we will be in critical condition.

    When we see the connecting routes in all directions, we will find ourselves in a strategic position.

    When we delve deeply into a situation, it is a serious situation.

    When we delve just a little deeper, we'll find ourselves in an easy situation.

    When we have behind our fortifications the armies of the republic (wicked, wicked, wicked and Jedi) and in front of us narrow passages, it is a situation surrounded.

    When we don't see how to escape then we will find ourselves in a dead end situation.


    Therefore, when in a dispersed situation, we will ally ourselves with the separatists of the trade federation towards a common goal.

    When in an easy situation we will strive for the unity of the separatist army.

    When in a disputed situation we will activate our rearguard.

    When in an open situation we will take care of our defense.

    When in strategic defense we will fortify our alliances.

    When on serious ground we will try to get our reinforcements to safety.

    When in a difficult situation we will go forward.

    When in a fenced situation we will block any possibility of retreat.

    When in a dead-end situation we will explain to the separatist droids that the situation is hopeless.

  4. VICTORY?!

    Victory… you say???

    Master Obi-Wan – NOT victory…

    … … … … … the shroud of the Dark Side has fallen…

    Begun… … … the Clone Wars have…

  5. This was truly the turning point of the game's life, I remember how the community rallied together and celebrated with our team at DICE. I miss those days.

  6. Good!! Nur Where are Captain Rex, Ashoka Tano, Commander Cody and the geonosian Warrior (These insects) and what Umbara this should ne Anotherone map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anyone else notice when obiwan did his force push the box for the area of effect showed up😂 not giving hate, just think that’s kind of funny.

  8. I know the game is never going to get updated again but I just wish they let you switch between 2 and 4 arms with Grievous like in the revenge of the sith game instead of just his abilities.


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