Star Wars Battlefront II: Anakin Skywalker – Community Update

Note: “Heroic Impact” has been changed to “Heroic Might” in-game.

Anakin Skywalker is deploying into Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II in The Chosen One Update, available now! With this update, Clone Troopers are also receiving a visual overhaul.

Full details on The Chosen One Update:

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  1. I do wish that Passionate Strike could knockdown ONLY BLOCKING enemies! Like when their blocking they should be knocked over but not when they aren't!

  2. We need Jedi master judd in the game he is awesome and you could earn a lot of money ea please read this although you probably won't he isn't a big character but he is really cool and used a light staff instead of a saber if you even read this which will already be good enough please reply as I want to know if you ever thought 9f this again he is cool and you could do a lot since he isn't known but he is a Jedi master who is powerful you could do a lot with that PLEASE READ THIS I WILL PUT THIS ON EVERY VIDEO

  3. Came back here today after finding out bf2 is over after the update. Just want to say I miss anakins launch. Although a lot of people disagreed with this, I still strongly believe he's the only one who should ever be over powered. Like vader now, he is really really strong. Put launch anakin against him and BOOM, you got yourself a sick match. Anyways, have a good day!

  4. The most powerful jedi ever existed!love Anakin in the game,so much OP!you can entry in a supremacy match when the first have already 20000 points and finish second or even first!i am proud of my 450 lvl Anakin… now is time to go to MAX!!

  5. When Anakin had knockdown on all abilities, heroic might and retribution actually worked/were reliable. The chosen one became the broken one.

  6. "I'll try spinning that's a good trick"
    –Lil' boi Anakin I
    "I don't like sand it's course and rough and irratating and it gets everywhere"
    –Padawan Anakin Skywalker II
    "This is where the fun begins"
    –Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker III

  7. Man can’t believe this was once an op hero now days it just doesn’t feel the same as it shows in this video rip broke anakin the only hero who can single handle defeat any villain

  8. They said they moulded Obi and Anakin to look like the actors from the prequels, but I must be blind because Anakin looks nothing like Hayden but more like Matt Lanter lmao

  9. Glad they fixed Anakin because they made him far too powerful like they had the emperor for a while even though those two characters in Yoda are arguably the highest and four sensitivity so they should be more powerful anybody have any idea how can I unlock other legions of troops instead of buying them you know I have $2,315 crystals

  10. Liar you guys from EA do not ban any hacker, in almost every game there is hacker and nothing is done, I have denounced it several times and even so after weeks and months I find the same players using hackers, and they are still provoking saying that they can use hackers the desire that nothing can be done with them, this company is a shame only has incompetent people.

  11. Anakin: force pulls enemies to obi-wan
    Obi-wan: force push them away
    Anakin: ”This is why i joined the dark side”


  12. When Anakin launched I was excited because of how unique his abilities were, even if they were overpowered but he is still playable and still one of the best light side heroes to play as alongside Luke, Vader, and Obi Wan once you get a general idea of how to incorporate each into your play style


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