Squirrel steals a fake nut | Spy in the Wild – BBC

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Animatronic spy creatures go undercover to explore the world of animal intelligence and reveal their use of tools, self-medication, culture and subterfuge.

Spy in the Wild | Series 1: Intelligence | BBC

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Comment (414)

  1. This is pretty messed up. That camera nut was powered by at least one LiPo battery that could have seriously injured or killed the squirrel and possibly even started a forest fire if the squirrel punctured it.

  2. Imagine, you're out pickpocketing, and you see someone… different. Their hair is disheveled, their clothes are lumpy and the patterns are just plain wrong. There are two upside-down breast pockets at odd angles on the shirt belly, the pant legs are different lengths, the belt is vertifcal… but you move to try to pick pocket it anyway. Its easy, enormous black voids, pivot to glare at your every move, yet you still rip your hand into its one proper jean pocket, and find… a book that looks like a wallet.

  3. The army has these fake squirrels in the hood, the eyes are cameras. Some squirrels in the hood drink alcohol from the bottle when it's left outside. They sit in the tree and watch you eat, and they think they're humans sometimes.

  4. I was sad when people were so misinformed on YouTube, I sarcasticly suggested they watch some squirrel videos. Then I realized in my efforts to educate or inform others of the real world, my comments were unwanted by Youtube and were promptly deleted without notification. Since there was nothing I could do without a voice, I began my mindless pursuit of watching squirrel videos. True story. This is what the world has come to. But thankfully there are other platforms which allow free speech. So happy for that.


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