Spitzer and NASA’s ‘Great Observatories’ Space Telescopes

This is the animated storybook tale of the Spitzer spacecraft and its exploits as part of the space telescope superteam known as NASA’s Great Observatories, which also includes Hubble. With its special power to see infrared light, Spitzer revealed a whole side of the universe that had been hidden from our view.

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  1. Sooo, just came back from a tour an hour ago at Northrop Grumman where the final work is being done. Got to see James Webb in person and it's mind-blowing. Funny this is the first video in my feed. Hopefully it gets a launch date sooner than later!

  2. What an awesome video! Such a fun style. 😍👍✨ Never heard of Compton before (sorry pal😅) and hope there will be a video in this format about all of the telescopes! 🔭✨❤️💜💚💙

  3. I wanted to be a scientist or astrologist and anything related to space and the mystery of the universe except for being an astronomer but I wanted to know what is at the end of the universe so if this is already answered before I say my theory then this is what I think:(may look on next message for part 2) my theory is you can't get any connection signals and anything from the black hole right so when I see or watch something about the edge of the universe they say that you won't get any connection there so in my theory I dont think that some theories says that you could go to dimensions when you go inside the black hole is right for my thoughts is that you will only go to the other side of the universe which is for example the theory:
    ) (
    / (just landscape it)

    Its sometimes called like theory to go to any dimensions or going to the 4th dimension
    But I think not for I think that for example the front of the pizza is full of pepperoni and any condiments and let it act as the stars and planets and galaxies. The back of the pizza is nothing but a graveyard of gasses and other types of elements that are gas. When you cut the middle in a small circular cut (dont cut the bottom of the pizza but just put a small hole on the bottom of the pizza) pizza let it act as a black hole that moves and when it moves the small line at the bottom of the pizza is recognized as the somewhat theory for going through dimensions. And when you put an imaginary person in the hole and flip the pizza
    And see the how the imaginary person goes in. The gravity should be reversed and the person falls down in the hole and at the end of the hole the gravity will revers back and the nothingness of the back of the pizza was another universe but except for the black dark space. The stars which were dead in our universe should be alive in that universe which turns into black fire instead of bright like our stars and the black fire could be created by dark matter or energy or somewhat you call it but the theory for me is the black fire is created by dark energy and was combined by other more gasses

  4. What if there was a space station manufacturer company? That could create orbital ports, orbital building stations, orbital clean up stations, or even a space hook, OR maybe even a space elevator!

  5. How easy it would be to study physics if such a cool teacher teaches you in such a cool way…i felt like i am watching a Disney movie🍿❤️


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