SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME TV Spot “Multiverse Madness” HD (NEW) (2021)

“They all die fighting Spider-Man, it’s their fate”

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This is a parody TV Spot for “Spider-Man No Way Home”, I hope you enjoyed this mashup!

Music Credit:
Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes – Through The Barriers (Epic Orchestral Action)

No Way Home Trailer Text Template:
– Wille Eklöf:

Music by Really Slow Motion
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A video mashup (also written as video mash-up) combines multiple pre-existing video sources with no discernible relation with each other into a unified video. These are derivative works as defined by the United States Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. § 101, and as such, may find protection from copyright claims under the doctrine of fair use.[1] Examples of mashup videos include movie trailer remixes, vids, YouTube Poop, Wishfie Reaction Videos,[2] and supercuts.
Due to the transformative nature of this parody video, its protected under fair use.

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Comment (849)

  1. The actor for the vulture confirmed he would be shooting scenes for this movie, so the sixth member of the sinister six here would probably be the vulture. I also kinda believe that the reason that only 3 of the sinister 6 are in the big fighting scene is that doc oc, green goblin, and the vulture won't stay on the other three's side by the end of the movie, and they'll just be anti-heroes instead of villains. This is because those 3 fought as villains, but didn't die or get defeated as villains or in like a villainous way.

  2. 0:44 Why did they have to ruin our dreams with this clip even if andrew was never going to be the one saving mj why didn’t we at least get the satisfaction of it being a mystery until the movie comes out

  3. I just noticed something. When MJ was falling, Peter reached out his right hand to save her, but however, the hand that was in the close up was a left hand, and didn't look like the same color as Peter's suit.

  4. Tom Holland: "No Way Hone will be dark, brutal, and tragic"

    Also No Way Home: "scOobY dOo tHiS crAP, *laughs at Doc Ock's name"

    Doesn't mean they can't joke, but those are just insanely cringe. Good peter joke probably only exist in infinity war and civil war

  5. I think Electro's new design is incredible! I think he might start off like the old design at the start but he'll gain an arc reactor or something to sustain his normal form because he seems to conjure his yellow lightning from that.

  6. While the world try to make you choose who is that mean Ned and mj will fall out on the building and Peter needs to choose then Peter choose mj and Ned will be hobgoblin because Peter didn't save him so he will take revenge whoa

  7. Tobey’s spidey to goblin: this is why only fools are because you never knew when some lunatic would come Along with a sadistic choice let die the women you love or suffer the little children… make your choice Spider-Man to see how the hero is rewarded! we are who we choose to be now CHOOSE!

    Tom’s spidey to goblin: you’re struggling to have everything you want while the world tries to makes you choose…

  8. Willem Dafoe is love….

    "You're struggling to have everything you want while the world tries to make you choose…"

    Damnnnnnn….I can watch The Original Green Goblin over and over and over again just for the love of seeing Dafoe portraying him…!


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