Spider-Man No Way Home DOC OCK Nanotech from Tony Stark?

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  1. the arms are run by the brain, much like the nano tech. it doesn't really matter how you look at it, the fact that Otto is neurally linked to his arms is most likely your answer.
    the arms: "oh u want this?"
    the nanites: "sorry did you need something?"

  2. Americans in the comments, can you please let me know if your cinemas are doing midnight releases in the States? Here in the UK not one cinema from what I can see is doing them and I’m majorly pissed off haha

  3. My guess is that its friday or january or which ever AI is there using some kind of defense. Perhaps having somehow scanned or otherwise detected an evil AI that needed to be corralled to disable the arms. The continued attacks after "nanoization" might be because it simply takes time to kill the bad ai ala ultron

  4. Doc Ock gets the nanotech.
    Electro gets an arc reactor.
    Green Goblin gets some proper super soldier serum or Falcon's drone tech for his glider.
    Lizard gets some Extremis for additional regen.
    What does Sandman get? I can't think of any MCU tech that could benefit him.

  5. I think we are thinking about this way to hard! Big surprise I know lol. It’s tech from a different earth. Not an alien planet. It’s truly no reason they can’t be compatible .

  6. Hey, Wheel of Time is getting huge numbers!!!!! I thought you'd cover it some like you do Game of Thrones. Since it has a strong connection but isn't exactly like the book series.

  7. I understand this is a different universe and anything can happen but does everything always have to have stark tech? Sure there’s other characters that make their own technologies that have nothing to do with Stark but we got people like Spiderman who because of Iron Man‘s Technology being included early on in Spiderman‘s career we now, for some reason, have not been able to see peter make his own suit without any assistance besides the Proto-suit

  8. do you think magic like scarlet witch or dr strange use from marvel is just advanced programmable matter like nanotech, picotech or even femtotechnology with maybe different physical constants due to being from another universe

  9. It was originally planned in Spiderman 2 that the arms were built by Tony Stark but they couldn’t work out the copyright before filming so the idea was dropped…

    Until it wasn’t

  10. Let’s GOO rumored Tom Cruz Tony Stark being that of the Raimi Verse!!! Would LOVE to see that design and so many other Raimi Verse versions of MCU heroes

  11. I honestly feel like Doc OC's redemption arc is going to be because of Tony and peter's relationship. Doc Oc was a lot like Tony, they both wanted to use their brilliance to change the world..to better it, they saw what their creations could do and didn't want to die as monsters, Tony accomplished that by saving trillions of lives, Doc Oc would've done something similar when he sunk the "sun" but since he couldn't do that, his redemption may be quieter; seeing himself in Tony-a hero who dedicated his life trying to correct the wrongs he's committed.

  12. There are 2 versions of the sinister 6 in this movie. 5 variants from the main mcu and 5 from Sony, loki showed us its possible for variants to look the same as another.

  13. It almost certainly tobey and andrew… But, if the scaffolding fight scene turns out to be, different characters such as Charlie cox daredevil/ leto as moribus(please god no)/tom hardy venom??? Would you be disappointed? Really want an answer to this!!!

  14. With Raimi himself directing the next Strange film, it would be really funny if he casted his dream pick for Dr. Strange as the Raimi-verse's Strange. I wonder who it would be. A Vincint Price lookalike?

  15. Can we just take a moment to see how much tony loved Peter, that he made a nano suit for Peter before he made himself one?
    It just shows how much he loved Peter and wanted to protect him.


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