Special report: A Plastic Tide | #OceanRescue

More than eight million tonnes of plastic is thrown away each year and washed out to sea.

It takes centuries to break down. It’s eaten by marine creatures. And it’s in our food chain. Your seafood supper may have a synthetic garnish. Scientists just don’t know what effects it has on our health.

Sky Ocean Rescue is doing something about it.

Find out more and get involved by visiting the Sky Ocean Rescue website: https://skyoceanrescue.com/

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Comment (329)

  1. I can't bare this I cannot stop crying ! LOOK what we have done to our Lords creation,Please Jesus help us not to be so full of ignorance ! God bless this man help him Lord keep him healthy ,he is so important to this ignorant world 🌏

  2. This is terrible…..why don't the people there clean it up? They use the Beach, let them work for it…..I would do it….. I would not want to be stepping in all this crap…..

  3. this report is as sad as it is shocking in this country we consider ourselves educated and caring with this plastic waste all I see is lazy inept and fickle politician's just not willing to take a step forward man up and deal with the issue

  4. There should be a waste management team just for the Ocean world wide, it would create jobs for people and help save our ecosystem. A win win!!! But we live in such a careless and selfish world…..😢 someday the devastation will be so bad it will be to late. It's already started…

  5. Needed to watch and summarize a documentary about the oceans environmental problems for an assignment and I’m damn as well happy I found one that’s entertaining as well

  6. Thanks for this. Riveting expose may alert us humans to correct our ramifications of habit chucking plastic into the water, as out of sight out of mind. Thanks

  7. Human kind is so stupid, money money money. So eat money now. Everyone knows how plastic goes to the sea. But what we don't know is that the civilization countries pay big ships to throw the plastic and other staff to pure countries sea but karma is there and the sea is moving them to Scotland.

  8. Lets help each other by saving plastic from the shoreline. In this pandemic time .. I lost my job .. So I decided to do coastal clean up everyday. So I can help by saving our mother earth .

  9. 3rd world countries are home to the dirtiest beaches. India / Africa . Education is key where schools and such privileges are for the minority of the populations. More needs to be done and enforced upon these polluting countries

  10. So they gather up all the plastic on the beach. Wonderful. But then what is done with it? It goes to the landfill which might be a long way from the beach. But then comes a flood which inundates the landfill and some of that plastic enters the waterway again and winds up on the beach yet again to be gathered up and taken back to the landfill. It all needs to be converted into some sort of construction material to build roads or buildings…free houses for the homeless!!!

  11. We are now a land of plastic garbage waste. When is somebody in authority going to make plastic waste unacceptable? Our government could care less about this. We are a land of landfills of plastic waste and filth. Stop single use plastic and have a place where it can go to REALLY be recycled.

  12. Recycling is fine but the truth is a lot of the stuff that gets recycled shouldn't exist anyway i.e plastic bottles which can only be recycled a few times(some only once) and then it's still waste. Plus recycling also takes time and power as well as having to be transported by big trucks which are certainly not good for the environment.
    An alternative to soft drink bottles/can plague https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zASK-HVtMFA&list=PL-fMhyYLcK0CV_l7KIqNL4AD6Wn68Xf_y&index=1

  13. I was likely the first to address ocean plastic almost 30 years ago in a series of lawsuits that lasted for 20 years. It's not our fault it's governments and industry and will cause our demise long before anything else.

  14. Cigarettes were cheap, and even though we knew they would destroy us, we smoked them anyway. Plastic is the same. Plastic to the planet is like cigarettes to the body. What eradicated cigarettes was the taxes put on them and the legal suits against the companies that produced them. Tax the hell out of plastic and use the money to make better products. People follow the money. Make it expensive and people do not use it. It is that simple. Tax it. Tax it. Tax it. And use the money to dredge the planet of this toxic substance. If we do not, the planet will get sick and die.

  15. Why… someone tell me why… some governments are not taking this seriously? I honestly feel like not eating because almost everything is still packaged in plastic!!! I've got used to eating wild plants, which are both nutritious and delicious.. and plastic-free, but I live in the country so I can do that. City dwellers have fewer options.

  16. The medea don't talk about plastic pollution because Big oil owns all the petroleum factories that make plastic and they are Masters at controlling the media remember that they are a global corporation never has that ever happened someone had influence all over the whole globe

  17. A mechanical rotary rake and sand shaker should make beach clean up much easier or less labor intensive, as well as some what more expensive, I suppose however, that the use of manual labor allows individuals to be more plastic-pollution conscious and progressively involves more and more members within a given locality, in one way or another.

  18. All we need is to roll out the HEMP Solutions to Replace everything PLASTIC

    Massive Ocean Clean Ups must be funded by the World Wide Governments but also a complete Shift from Plastic to HEMP

    Satan's Daughters are all pushing the propaganda of PLASTICS and the Plastic Economics that are Destroying the Oceans

  19. Re- educate from schooling up the ongoing catastrophe if it’s not stopped sooner rather than later, put all things in bins/ take it home & dispose of thoughtfully . Don’t let it even get into estuaries 🤔

  20. The heads of corporations who manufacture these materials should be made to visit the places shown. They need to see and smell first hand the impact of how the world environment and humanity is being destroyed. As long as they are allowed to manufacture these plastics, the issue will only worsen.

  21. Guys plastics are choking us and are seafood. It is detrimental to the seafood, and to our bodies! In my new video series called "Plastics and Your Health" I discuss what is going on in our bodies, but more important I discuss ways to lower your exposure!


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