Spain news update – A spectacular blunder

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  1. In my street of just over 150 houses I know 6 families who normally take an Easter holiday in Spain they have also decided to visit Turkey so the Turkish business owners will be very happy. At the moment I'm in Almeria as we own a holiday home in roquetas de mar but I'm am worried about the 270 day rule as I/we do not want any more jabs.

  2. We are spending Easter in Italy on the mountains up north, however we are looking to rent a flat in Barcelona for a month or two during summer and work remotely from there. Other countries might have some influx of tourism but Spain has so much to offer. I’m vaccinated so the rules don’t affect me, in fact, I prefer to go where others are vaccinated too.

  3. Pedro F** Sanchez is penny smart a dollar foolish.
    He backs a primitive king, a drogue dealer, that poisons Spanish youth vs the just cause of Western Sahara independence.
    It will backfire , not to mention the billions of euros in exchange , Spain stands to loose with Algerie.
    Algeria already decided to "revise" the price of gas it exports to Spain.

  4. Brexit England, sorry meant Britain. The gift that will stop giving. Tourism tax 2 euros per person per night being introduced, covid restrictions lifted we all booked our holidays happy 😊 days, low and behold the Spanish government and the e.u found another way to make life as difficult as possible to help this failing economy, let's all help them achieve their goal. I myself was about to book a party of 8 family members To main land spain, having seen the the latest vaccination requirements at such late notice not now and never again. Week country Week guidance in my opinion.

  5. My own version of the desired lifestyle in Spain is a lot about "la flojera" of inland country living rather than the hipster life in the big city regions, so I'm looking for property well away from the popular tourist regions. How about making a special on the ancient and unimpressed lifestyle of "country Spain" (one of the oldest countries in the world) and what one should be aware of in this context.

  6. Only the vaccinated should be allowed to travel, that was the whole point of having a vaccine to get the world back to seeing Covid gone for good. Anyway who can afford a holiday with everything going up and up.

  7. We have a flat in Cantabria on the coast where mainly Spanish tourists are. I am always amazed when I hear of the poor wages in Spain, but it's amazing that despite people paying rent for their homes, they can still afford to go on holiday and where they go, the places are not cheap. Where we are, it costs anything between 1500 and 3500 euros respectively a week in the holiday season.

  8. Good evening Stuart and thanks for another interesting video. Very interesting comment below from Paul-Gerard. I love Cantabrica and Asturias but my word, is it expensive there. No wonder you don't see thee noards of foreign tourists that you get in the Mediranean coastal resorts. How do the Spanish afford it?

  9. Have a trip booked to Spain in June, fully vaccinated, so I didn't think it would be a problem to visit. My booster was in November, short panic to make sure that was within the time limit of 270 days. Fortunately it is but not sure what people booking a late summer holiday would do.

  10. As the vast majority of new cases are the fully vaccinated keeping out unvaccinated is a nonsense and the 270 day rule means you would have to top up your on trial mrna jab every 9 months.


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