SpaceX’s most COMPLEX structure to build, Elon Musk “This launch mount is not easy to build”

SpaceX’s most COMPLEX structure to build, Elon Musk “This launch mount is not easy to build”#STARSHIPFANS

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How SpaceX constructs the Starship Launch Mount

SpaceX Starship’s fully-stacked rocket is the best-ever scene I have ever seen. In addition to the main characters, let’s not forget another important element, where Starship is sitting: The Launch Mount.

Notably, as Elon Musk confirmed: “This launch mount is not easy to build”.
So, what made him, an excellent engineer, take a knee to say such a thing?
And how does SpaceX construct the Starship Launch Mount?

Stay tuned with us, it’s time to find out more about it:
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First, what is the Orbital launch mount?
As you can see, the launch mount is a metal structure that supports the upright rocket before it launches. It is a component of a typical launch pad. Umbilical cables from the launch mount provide the rocket with power, cooling liquids, and top-up propellant before launch. The structure also helps shield the rocket from lightning strikes.

Launch mount also has features that minimize damage from the rocket’s launch. When a rocket first ignites, valves lining the launch mount spray hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the air around the exhaust, which helps lessen the rocket’s deafening roar. Trenches beneath the launch mount also direct the rocket’s exhaust out and away from the craft, so the flames can’t rise back up and engulf the rocket itself.

Cryogenic propellants need to be continuously topped off during the launch sequence (countdown), as the vehicle awaits liftoff. This becomes particularly important as complex sequences may be interrupted by planned or unplanned holds to fix problems.

Most rockets need to be supported for a few seconds after ignition while the engines build up to full thrust. The vehicle is commonly held on the pad by hold-down arms or explosive bolts, which are triggered when the vehicle is stable and ready to fly, at which point all umbilical connections with the pad are released.
SpaceX’s most COMPLEX structure to build, Elon Musk “This launch mount is not easy to build”
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  1. It's a shame the energy "heat" created at launch couldn't be turned into electricity and stored in large battery's to run the plant .
    I would think with the predicted 3 launches a day there would be a constant supply of electricity 🤔
    Maybe even the trust could be ducted to massive turbines to generate electricity 🤔

  2. The O.R.L. would make a 3D metallic printer, have an aneurism, just computing it, basically, it is designed too sculptural in advance form, of all the objects he made very complex, it wasn't even Starship, but O.R.L. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Everything that is happening and being built at Boca Chica is revolutionary, for the first time ever, amazingly complex, audacious in concept and just breath taking in it's vision!


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