Sommer & Cali: The Mother | Episode 28

By Request: Nigel’s mother arrives on the scene just in time for a little winter drama. Grab your popcorn and get ready for an ALL NEW Sommer & Cali


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Comment (110)

  1. I really like Sommer's half pulled back hairstyle and her outfit from Karl Moss Designs on Etsy and Nigel's mother looks so beautiful in that Crimson Red dress from My Dolly Dolls on Etsy!!! Her dress just ring in the time for the winter holidays!!!!!!!!! And what's Nigel's mother name before you renamed her Toya? The outfits on Sommer and Nigel's mother suits both of them perfectly!!!!! Love you all!!!

  2. I feel like I finish a whole month without even knowing!!!!!
    Because I want to watch Sommer and Cali
    I count how many days left till a new episode twice a day
    Thank you Toya for putting so much hard work on making Sommer and Cali !!!
    I love you and your channel ❤️💕

  3. Sorry I missed the live chat! I didn't realize a new episode of Sommer and Cali was coming out today! Man, Nigel's mom is kinda scary…can't wait to see all the drama unfold. Just now watching some of the episode!

  4. I wonder who's at that door it's either Octavia or nijal's mother and probably Octavia is gonna catch both of them just sitting with Cali and it will go on from there


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