somebody get Stefon Diggs some water


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  1. Hahaha. A few years ago I was going crazy at a hockey game. The next few days my palms felt bruised and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I remembered I was screaming and clapping like a maniac a the game. I bruised my freaking palms.

  2. I guess my coach was right when he told me I didn’t need the dark visor as a Cornerback. He said while u tryna be all HOLLYWOOD the ball gonna sail past yo azz 😂

  3. McVay is WAY overrated. Total try-hard and another Doug Pederson who got lucky with a ring. Sean McD has long been underrated and showed tonight he’s as good as any coach in the league. No dog in this fight, as a Niners fan, I’ll be watching the playoffs from the sidelines, but this Buffalo team is really good.

  4. Diggs is mad, people stopped talking about him. Just beat the brakes of Ramsey, hahahaha,l. Wish he was still in Purple! But at least we got Jefferson now!

  5. Diggs for the most part torched Jalen Ramsey. Rarely do most receivers get above 30 maybe 30 something yards on Ramsey and that's if they're lucky but diggs Starched Ramsey for the most part

  6. Before the game “Ramsay locking him up, Ramsay lock everyone up, Ramsay the best corner ever”. Is Ramsay even top3 fr Fr????

    He top 5 atleast but stop gassing tf outta him

  7. He left Minnesota because he knew cousins wasn’t someone like Josh Allen. He didn’t talk about cousins the way he talks about Allen. Diggs knew and knows Minnesota can’t compete for a super bowl with cousins

  8. Big saints fan but proud of them Bills for what they been doing the last two years. I wanna see them get they Shot soon because they have the talent, the motivation, a good organization. And look at Stefon man!! They going out there having fun bruh!!

  9. They would put defended by my dog Jalen. Keep that same energy. Because we up from here. I promise you. Not sure if Jalen was expecting help. But if he got burnt he got burnt. It’s all good. Next game

  10. Jalen Ramsey trash dude. Rams need to cut him instantly. Talks all that trash saying he’s the best and for the last two games both super bowl and opener today he’s gotten burnt more than Eli apple.

  11. Man when you have a wide receiver that gets this fired up after winning a season opener against the defending Super Bowl champs, that’s a scary sign for the rest of the league. Their team chemistry is only getting better and better and with gabe Davis showing that his game against the chiefs wasn’t a fluke, the bills are the team to beat this year. Those Super Bowl predictions don’t seem too far fetched after all

  12. I really wish I was a Bill's fan growing up. I know ya'll had your struggles and now things are finally turning out great for Bills Mafia. I hope I can have the same confidence in my Lions as I do watching the Bills. So incredibly lucky to have a qb like Josh Allen and all the pieces around him. I'm rooting for you Buffalo.


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