Solo Hypixel SkyBlock [137] Getting the MAXIMUM Minion slots (24)

Solo Hypixel SkyBlock [137] Getting the MAXIMUM Minion slots (24)
After a total of around 60 million coins we FINALLY got 24 minion slots. We are SUPER lucky because the update that brought the Bazzar came right after I finished purchasing from the NPC xD

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Comment (196)

  1. Forums: ThirtyVirus Got Info About Update 24 Hours Before Us!!
    Thirty: 2 Hours*
    Forums: He Is ChEaTiNg!
    Thirty: Actually, No
    Forums: I don't believe Him!
    Me: Oh, So This IsThe Forums Thirty Was Talking About!

  2. RE: the bazaar contraband thing
    I think what the chat member is trying to say is that you can manipulate your sell / buy order to match up with a specific persons, provided you know the quantity they want and the price they're buying it at. EG: If you want to buy 15 enchanted slime blocks for 150005 each, and therefore set up a buy order, then someone can sell 15 enchanted slime blocks for 150005 and it will be sent to you. (I think) This means Thirty can say "waiting for my 15 slime blocks to buy" and get his slime blocks quicker or at a lower price from overzealous chat members.

  3. End the video as soon as he gets the last minion slot? No
    End video after placing the last minion? No
    Somewhere in between? Yeah that makes sense.

  4. Thirty I remember being in a stream and you bought gold from viewers and banana at npc price, surely that’s contraband like the only reason people buy from ah is that they can’t be asked to click the gold (post bazar) but I think that broke the no contraband rule 🤷‍♂️


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