Solo bushcraft trip – northern wilderness, canoeing, net fishing, chaga, lavvu etc. [short version]

Overnight trip. Campsite on a small uninhabitaded island and a travel across the water to reach a mountain top. Only eat what I can find and catch. Open the full video description for more information.

This is the short version. Here is the long version–ic&t=1588s />

Date: 11-07-2019 to 12-07-2019

Day: 20°C (68°F)
Night: 10°C (50°F)

Location: Sapmi – the land of the Sami people in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Clean and remote classic northern wilderness. Fresh water rivers. Pine, spruce and birch forrest. Mountains, bears, wolves, eagles, reindeers etc. No wildlife is giving campers problems. I can’t give you any information about my location, only that I am somewhere in Sapmi.

Consuming: Chaga tea, labrador tea and whitefish.


A few questions:

1. Can you twist all branches into rope like that.
Yes. At least all the species pressent in my area of the world. The branch need to be green and you just need to taking your time opening up the fibers without braking anything. No sidebranches and heating over fire makes it easier.

2. Was the water safe to drink?
Yes. Almost all water in Sapmi can you drink straight from the source. It comes from the near by mountains – rain or snow/ice melting.

3. Why make fire on vegetation and not directly on the mountain rock?
Part of leaving no trace/less trace. You never light a frie directly on the main rock – you alway use sacrificial stones or vegetation. Fire will damage the rock surface and leave scars visible for multiple lifetimes. The vegetation will recover or be washed away in one season. Sacrificial small stones can you move away out of sight. Adding vegetation on the fire later on was just to make smoke and keep some of the mosquitoes away.


Some of the gear used:
1. Pants = Klattermusen Gere 2.0 Regular
2. Boots = Redback original
3. canoe = Ally 16.5
4. kettle = Eagle 1.5L
5. tent = Tschum 2P SOSWA
6. backpack = M39 swedish military


Video gear: Canon EOS RP, Canon 50 1.8, Røde videomicpro+, iMovie.


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  1. Hey Bertram! I love your videos, and the way you present the context. You're going to remote places where no human will be seen. I like to go to remote places as well, but I am not able to go much further out of the city borders. So, my question is that what are you doing to protect yourself against wild animals? It seems like you're in deep forests where plenty if animals live. Thanks in advance… Keep up the good work, cheers!

  2. You inspired me to visit your country when i will be successful someday because of the beautiful nature, sorry for the wrong english


  3. I recommand you to watch this whit witcher 3 The Fields of Ard Skellige song – It is absolutly chill and breathtaking 🙂 It fits to this video perfectly..

  4. Hello from Alaska! Wonderful work. Thank you. I posted a video on YouTube that shows people how to make a fish net starting from the very beginning, using string, a net needle, and a spacer/gauge. You may want that skill as I saw your net looked store-bought. It is very easy, it just takes a long time. But the nice thing about our method in Northern Alaska is that you can make a very long net all while sitting in the same place. You don't need to hang the length first, you make the depth first, then the length. Just do a search for Arlo Davis net making.

  5. I would love to learn how you make this videos.
    1. What is your filming gear?
    2. All your videos are pretty much silent, not event the sound of the wind that the microphone always pick up. Accept the sound of twigs/branches cracking as you break them, fire crackling, your footsteps etc even when the camera shot is far away. How do you do this? I am intrigue.


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