Last season’s finale was a doozy, broh. What do we do now, broh?

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  1. Wow. I'm so glad morty got to go back to his original universe and see what a crappy person he was to his original family. Such a shame for Jerry. Honestly, it really does seem like ik the extreme situations that rick is constantly putting people in, everyone, including morty just kinda of, let go of caring and their humanity. Cool to see that we finally get to see some more back story!

  2. It's cool that a version of Rick genuinely admired a Jerry, even if he immediately killed him.

    It's actually probably even cooler that he immediately killed him

  3. Ok, so I'm gonna assume that Beth and summer died during the winter when Jerry was talking about the ice?

    If that's not the case please someone help me unpack this.. thanks for the help.. again lol

  4. as morty being the mortest morty. The killer Rick might be the smartest Rick. And the main Rick is probably not the smartest Rick but the Rick care his family the most.

  5. I love how Morty stopped Rick from killing himself. I always loved the bond the two of them have and that proved how much they care about each other. I also love how they’re getting more of a story now in this season. This episode is amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the season.

  6. Great episode, there are a lot of great seasons this fall, cannot wait to see how this season goes, as well as House of Dragon and Ring of Power, should be interesting. One of my hidden gems has been, What We Do in the Shadows, on Hulu, that show can be hilarious!

  7. Jerryboree doesn't seem like a deep cut. Is that statement a joke, or them assuming majority of viewers wouldn't remember.

    I have seen most seasons at least two times minimum.

  8. Seeing Season 6 Jerry stuck with the Season 2 family made me realize on how important that Divorce Arc in S3 was. Without Jerry divorcing Beth, Beth wouldn't had realize she might be a clone and go back to her husband. And also, had the writers never gave that Divorce Arc, this would have been where Rick and Morty gone to: Just the Smith family being assholes to one another.

    Edit: Rest in Piece, Mike Mendel. Died at 2019, but he was part of what makes Rick and Morty as it is now.

  9. Jerry, the one guy no one betted on, survived the most chaotic mistake of the most chaotic man in the known universe, only to die by his most chaotic version…the version that didn’t even ruin his life.

  10. Beth: the daughter who strove to break the cycle of neglect her father created, ends up repeating the same cycle on her own daughter, the daughter that reminds her the most of her father as she, in a way, became the closest thing to him. Her redeeming grace is that she at least got to see a version of herself that cared.

  11. Morty: the son of neglect who had to learn how to let go of his feelings to save himself from the trauma that his family brought him, still chose to save his family from their trauma. He chose to be the good that his family neglects…ironic.

  12. All this talk about multiverse time travel multiple Beth's rick's Morty's Jerry's. I completely lost track of what's going on here. I'll have to start from season one over again. For the 6th time

  13. This is a great story episode. However, I mean this in the nicest way possible but this episode is just not funny at all. Which is fine! There can be quieter more serious tones for the story when it needs, but im not used to Rick and Morty being THIS serious. Still can't wait for more!

  14. It is funny how our Rick was actually going to be the Good guy Rick, that was going to give it all up for his family, until another Rick comes out of no where, and ruins his life. This Rick was ruined by a Rick, and to get back at the Rick that ruined his life. Now the Morty that belongs to that Rick has become the only thing he cares about.

  15. Let us notice that at the end when Rick tries to say “I could have left you i dont care!” Everyone, even Jerry was like “Yeah, you do”, “We have a denial rick!” Lol.

  16. This episode made me disassociate more. Especially with the big rush theory. I think I'm the worse out of my family. I know they deserve better. They deserve a son and brother and friend that's better. And I hope they'll find that. Thanks. It's been a good life

  17. And the fact that the other Jerry from the Jerry daycare got sent back to his reality, that the Rick we see in our Jerry’s original reality is the same Rick that just said “f*** it, we’ll take him” probably knows he’s been sent back and doesn’t care, and that the writers said “f*** it, here’s the write off,” and killed off S2 Jerry…I giggle a little.


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