So…are you ready to leave? #shorts

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  1. "We" didn't "take" this land. We fought for it. Over 400 years. Ya know, the same way EVERYONE did for land back then.

    Yet again, (like slavery) these idiots believe good ol' whitey is the only perpetrator of these events. 🤡🌎

  2. We didn't take any land. People a century or more ago took it from native tribes whose ancestors took the land from other Native tribes whose ancestors took the land from other Native tribes. Stop being s basic urban white girl.

  3. The fact that she said her leaving American land to the native Americans psalm, seconds after saying that America's borders should be opened for everyone…

    She's OK with South Americans and Africans occupying Native American land manifesting their destinies, huh?

  4. She won’t last a second in a place she actually has to do physical labour in. Also no way she is leaving without crying and playing victim.

  5. We should have open borders to allow other people to swarm into the native's land

    BTW we're ALL from Africa (including the American Natives) if you go back far enough

  6. She basically believes ppl in the past should've never been curious or explored to see what else was in the world. Everyone should just sit with in their own borders and never expand horizons/intellect (only Anglo-Saxons). But all others can just cross over at will whenever they please.

  7. What a stupid weak opinion. Lands have been taken by others all across for the world for the entire existence of humans. As someone who is a descendant of Pocahontas, I say the Natives lost, get over it!

  8. I don't believe those people are even genuine, as it took a few minutes of rational thinking to debunk this viewpoint
    They are just enemies to america who seeks to destroy it from within.
    This don't want to "give back" the land, they just use it as an excuse to damage the country so they can later try to install the commie dictatorship

  9. Sorry, lady, but that’s not how conquest works. Groups of people have been fighting others for land and resources for all of human history (even here in America among natives tribes). We may not consider it civilized and humane now in the 21st century, but that’s how things worked. Plus, last time I checked, the US gave tribes reservations. The US could have wiped the Natives completely out and kept all the land, but they didn’t. And now their descendants enjoy the benefits of this country including our technological and medical advances.

  10. Honey, Bunny, dear? Are you aware that native tribes went to war against other tribes (often truly brutal and sadistic wars) well before Chris ever dreamed of setting sail? Some tribes were renowned for their sadism against those they conquered. Genocide was a 'thing'. There is no such thing as a 'better' race when it comes to brutality. red, yellow, black or white; all are guilty of merciless violence and greed.

  11. As I recall… DNA traces the ancestry of man to somewhere in Africa. Globally, mankind needs to pack up their bags and move to The Dark Continent just to be on the safe side of being non-aggressive.

  12. We are all just human.
    All the same even 🧬.
    Not black or white or red or blue or Gay or straight just humans.
    Humans behaving inhumanly towards humanity.
    These labels Wich served to classify and define Us no longer do So..they now only serve to separate segregate and crate H8..
    I am human .r u ?.

  13. She then went home, full well knowing she would never leave America, and proceeded to pat herself on the back for the next month for being so virtuous and caring.

  14. All her fellows. Lead by example. Give your house to native family or your a hypocrite and sleep well reminds MF every day you stay. So they build casinos everywhere. How can natives all talk about a race they killed off be native. Natives kept there slaves well after. US. Every notice libs love the people that hate women the most

  15. If others will take it from us… If we give it to the native Americans and we all (all races other than native American) leave… It'll be like 30 minutes before every country and cartel and mercenary army is claiming a slice and slaughtering every native. These people live in a bubble and never consider that most of the rest of the world is orders of magnitude worse than the United States

  16. Should have asked, whose land are we going to? By her thinking, all land is somebody else's land. What happened to the Indians was tragic, the first Democrat President, Andrew Jackson was in office and signed the papers to move the Indians across the United States and territories in what is known as the Trail of Tears, causing near genocide. Sad! The first Republican president, abolished slavery.

  17. per usual, leftists love to say a lot of stuff they don't ever intend to follow through with because it's about the appearance of being a good person.

  18. Ask “Which Tribe?” These white liberals have no idea about how they fought over the land and how the borders constantly changed. And I’m 100% sure she would know nothing about Native American slavery 😳

  19. She should then turn over all her possesions and leave. But we have enough of those leftist hypocrites that contribute nothing and just cause chaos here in Holland allready. Please go somewhere else. …who are we kidding… she will not actually DO anything or GIVE Anyone amything but her virtue signalling nonsense opinions. Good god…people like her can actually vote….

  20. We are allowing an alien invasion just like the Native Americans did… Native Americans didn't have the benefit of global technology. It was not obvious to them, like it is to us today, that allowing foreigners in without control leads to destruction and disaster

  21. Y'all don't have to live cause I'm sure not even Europe wants you people. I think what she meant was leaving office and letting the "natives take charge". "It's their land they can do what they want"

  22. Where does she think we should go? EVERY SINGLE bit of land worldwide, was taken from someone by someone else, or lots of different someone's throughout history. At what point in thousands of years does she suggest we stop going back and move on in. The way she said "we took it from others and others will take it from us", just proves my point.

  23. Which ones? The ones we took it from, or the ones they took it from? Or the ones that lost it to the ones who they took it from? Who decides which "theft" was correct?

  24. So, she wants open borders, so illegal aliens can overrun the land she thinks belongs to American Indians.

    And she doesn’t see a problem there…🤔

  25. If what happened the native Americans was tragic, why isn't the current invasion tragic? Oh, wait, that's dead white man logic. Sheesh, has public education ever failed. These kids have no ability to think clearly. Obviously, neither do the teachers.

  26. So sick to hear spoiled pathetic liberals hate our great republic . As an American Immigrant knowing what my parents had to do to bring me here legally for a better life through hard work and dedication to our not so perfect system , but nonetheless A Great Country 🤔


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