Snowy: A Short Film About One Pet Turtle’s Pursuit of Happiness

Filmmakers Kaitlyn Schwalje and Alex Wolf Lewis decided to make a film about Snowy the pet turtle after spending Thanksgiving with him one year. Their short documentary is both an investigation into animal happiness and an intervention to improve one turtle’s life.

Director / Writer: Kaitlyn Schwalje
Director / Cinematographer: Alex Wolf Lewis
Editors: Katharina Stroh & Alexander Heringer
Producers: Rebecca Stern & Justin Levy
Executive Producers: Meryl Goldsmith, Cheryl Dillard Staurulakis & Dana Nachman
Supervising Producer for Time: Justine Simons
Consulting Producer for Time Studios: Alexandra Johnes
Sound Design: Luciano Vignola
Color & VFX: Filipp V. Kotsishevskiy

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Comment (16)

  1. This reminds me to my european quail, Woolie.. I was still in primary school, more than 2 decades ago.

    I believe he had senses to recognize me. I kept saying to him abt living outside his cage was dangerous esp when I was not around but he seemed didnt trust me, he did trials to feel how freedom was like..

    I spent good years with him, later, time went by, he grew old and started to feel unhealthy and he was depressed abt himself. He tried to show me to kill him slowly by refusing the food with gloomy eyes. I felt that but I kept taking care of him til one day he had chance to go outside his cage, he jumped from our 3rd floor house (to suicide) I didnt know that until my grandma buried him and told me later.. I cried for weeks and it hurts me til this time each time I see or listen anything abt quails

  2. How sweet! I have 3 box turtles-one I’ve had over 30 years. The last 5 years she got to roam freely a part of our home. I got to see her personality more. I saw the difference how she acted versus the newer less domestic ones. It’s so sweet. It IS hard to know if they’re happy. But when I see them eat and drink water and sit underneath the lamp I feel like they are happy. Thanks for the short film

  3. Once i saved a lizard that was out in the cold starving, just a little baby anole! kept it and raised it in a 5 gal. I always looked at him and thought… he just never seemed to be happy so i released him in my front yard and he dissapeared. I was scared he died but then after a month the same small lizard i once had came as a giant 7 inch full grown male! he had multiple other female lizards hanging around just for him, i felt he was finally ttruly happy 🙂

  4. Sweet, yet so sad. Our Russian tortoise is in a large terrarium that is heated with rocks, logs & plants that he can explore. He can leave the terrarium at any time to wander the house our walk outside in the garden. He scampers across the kitchen for dandelion greens, cucumbers & carrots. He sits on our feet to stay warm & follows us around the house. I’m sad that Snowy spent 25 years in a glass aquarium in the basement but am hopeful that he’ll enjoy many more years of sunshine in the backyard.


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