Snakehead fish that can breathe on land is caught in Georgia

Hear from the fisherman who caught the creature who can breathe on land and in water and why the DNR says you should kill Northern Snakehead Fish immediately!

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Comment (212)

  1. This fish is available in Bangladesh and we eat it Normally this fish is not dangerous this can servive some hours on land not only this but also there are other fish which can seevive on land

  2. I heard the snakehead fish can be edible and for human consumption. So, after you kill the snakehead fish and notify the authorities, you should deep fry it and eat it.

  3. These Snakeheads are rich/ healthy food and considered delicacy in some countries, process em and donate to Venezuela or sell em to Asia like China. Charity and business lol

  4. Snakehead fish is very strong anything that moves in a water it would eat I had these fish for pets in my tank they get very big and very aggressive I used to have a Indian red snake snakehead

  5. I've caught at least 20 in Wilkinson and Baldwin Counties Creeks. They like moving jigs like the speckled Red/White Beetlespin being jigged and floating Rapala Brokebacks. They're a pain when you catch a Bream and reeling it in and one of these scumbags bites half of it off. I've been catching them for about 30yrs. Georgia also has Panthers and Black Bears, a old friend of mine saw a Mountain Lion on his way to work one morning 20yrs ago. True storys. Guess the Govt and the Media doesn't wanna freak people out.

  6. Need a pair of wide mouth pliers on hand that's if you've been having opportunity to even grab them. If you get one another set of pliers they might not get away.
    That's a nasty fish.
    I've been saying it since I was a kid why is it not possible for sharks to swim up rivers And lo and behold Is the Brown shark/bullshark that's what they do. There's stuff lurking out there that may be nobody's even ran into yet.


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