Small Channels: DON’T GO VIRAL… Do This Instead!

Going VIRAL is TERRIBLE For Small Channels!
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0.00 – Going VIRAL on YouTube is TERRIBLE For Small Channels!
0:51 – The internet is unpredictable
1:16 – Attracting the wrong audience
1:51 – Create a negative reaction
2:33 – It’s dangerously addictive
3:13 – Viral content can be risky
3:51 – Quantity Vs Quality
4:55 – Who are you going viral for?
5:35 – It creates pressure
6:30 – What IS a viral video?

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Comment (864)

  1. I made this mistake! For the longest time my most viewed video was from a wedding I went too of two specific influencers! It went viral because they were in the thumbnail, but I knew from an early point on that they were not my target audience haha just an interesting experience/experiment!

  2. What is the threshold of a video going viral?
    Well, for my small 69-subscriber react/varieties channel, in which videos have about 50 to 200 views (I keep not focusing in one subject. Sorry, it's just my personality), I consider anything above 2000 views a very viral thing. I had a shorts going up that many views in just a few hours.
    Yes, it was a cat shorts. And yes, it hasn't been any positive at all to my channel. But it hasn't been negative as well. It's just there, utterly irrelevant.

    I am glad that, after the hype, I could discern and understand exactly what you told us today: I wasn't ready for that. At the moment I got overly excited, but it ended up I didn't know what to do with that… until I painfully figured out that it was just irrelevant. Thankfully, because, as you say, it could have even been harmful for my channel.

    Great video, @vidIQ

  3. One of my friends had a viral Minecraft video that led to his Monetization, and he was way too excited…until he realized nobody was watching his other videos and he plateaued.

    He has since had to change his niche to something different and doesn’t create long-form content anymore.

  4. I got 7.k views and like 69 likes on a roblox video then I kinda did the same type it did ok but it did not get the same like 159 views I don’t now by hear but it did not do the same success the other video did

  5. These videos are always insightful. Personally, I don't rate my video's success by views, but rather the amount of subscribers I earn. I want someone to watch a video and say "I would like to see more". At the same time, I don't necessarily think overall subscriber count is always an accurate indication of success. Some 250k subscriber channels can release a video to 250 views, and some 3k subscriber channels can release them to 30k views.

  6. we needs a good and getting unlimited title search recommend from your vidiq monthly plan price to buy them. we need easily and cheap price to able to use them there

  7. Very helpful. I had a viral video and that led my channel into the monetization ambiant but after a year I got demonetized because I couldn't get to the minimum requirements to stay monetized. Sad

  8. This kinda happened to me this last July. One of my videos went way above my usual norm (20k views) as a small (minuscule) channel that I am. That is not "viral" per se, I know, but comparatively speaking, for a channel of my size that was a very huge spike. It didn't happen because I pursued or I intended it. Actually that one video was just like any other I make and I've kept making my next videos in the same style and theme. So maybe it just was that the algorithm decided to push that one video. In fact I had the feeling that what makes a piece of content go viral or stand above other is the algorithm, not the audience. The audience will watch whatever Youtube pushes them. After that said video, the algo didn't push any of my other videos that hard. So some people stuck around, but innevitably after the huge spike came the downfall. I would very much prefered more steady progress and not going "viral" or these sudden ups and downs. That is what actually makes all of this frustrating.

  9. This is exactly why I don't want to go viral its just not sustainable ,or at least not for someone like me who just started and is still figuring things out. Really good advice here keep up the good work.

  10. I'm not gonna lie, I have a video sitting at 106k right now titled " Cave Diving Gone Wrong | The First Iceberg Cave Dive" but it's helped me immensely, I went from 50 subscribers to 1000 in literally one week, I haven't been able to replicate it, but it grew my audience like crazy since my niche is Caving Stories Gone Wrong, so I guess it's just one of those things.

  11. Great video Rob, but…. I am a relatively new creator and have pretty much stayed with my core audience style content. About a month ago I had 3 videos in a week go "viral" compared to the rest of my content thus far. I accumulated a lot of subs from those videos. Since them my view counts and impressions have returned to the old normal. It appears all my new subs are not watching the new content, even though they subbed to similar niche content. This is rather frustrating. Any advice is appreciated. Thank You. Have a beautiful day!

  12. If the video that went viral is within your core niche ,is it gonna hurt your channel ? Bearing in mind that , content creators create videos to have views and hope to have “ lots of views “ leading to lots of subs . So my question is , is having your video going viral bad for your channel ?

  13. Hello sir I have just one question, How to stop youtube channel's watch hours decreasing?
    Please sir it's really very important I have a small YouTube channel that only needed 400 hours to be monetized but now it's hours are decreasing every day ,2 weeks ago the watch hours of my channel was 3610 hours and now it has decreased to 2400 hours please sir tell me just one solution 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. I was just starting to brainstorm ideas that could be viral video topics within my niche and then I see this video lol.
    I’m 90% with you, but I can’t shake off that last 10% feeling that a viral video (within my current niche and relevant for my current audience) would put my channel on the map.. it’s a tough call!

  15. Had a short get over 1M views and roughly 1k subscribers (still trending) and I’ve noticed that my normal videos now took a massive dip…

    Wish the view counted on shorts since it’s way over 4K…

  16. I have a question.
    Could you do a summary/analytic breakdown based of channel genre/niche?
    I run real footage on dark, bizarre, and somewhat morbid reality topics. Like a true crime/horror channel.

    I think it would be interesting to summarize and separate our stats bases off niche.
    Examples: Gamers, personalities/influencers, animations, etc.

  17. I disagree on the efforts of not going viral. Reason being, 4000 hours of watch time is extremely difficult to attain without a viral video or few. Sure, monetization may be little to nothing on 4000 hours of watch time, but that further demonstrates why it's much needed to make videos in effort and hopes many and many people will see it and then engage it further. Great video. Shalom.

  18. I have 2 videos that are still going Viral both videos over 150K views in just a year but they do have educational value for THAT I am grateful for but still None of my other videos have reached anywhere NEAR those numbers lmao

  19. Sometimes going viral kills the channel growth. I am suffering from this since last few months. Now again my channel gets good views since last few days.

    I will be able to apply for monetization after 6 months of struggle and uploading 120+ videos in my niche.

    Best of luck everyone!

  20. I went mini-viral (75k views) before I was ready for it, and it screwed up my approach to YouTube for so long. Nothing about how future videos performed, just all in my head. The chase and the building the wrong audience. I've figured out what I want to do now, and it's slower but I like it a lot more.

  21. As a member of team viral (got 140k views & 7k subs off of one video when i had 30 subs) a fair amount of this does resonate with me. I'm putting a fair amount of pressure on myself to upload with higher quality and higher frequency to try getting another viral hit. Thankfully, my moment fit exactly within the style and topic my channel is centered around, so it won't be hurting my core audience. I've also managed to reason my expectations of new videos to be satisfied with less and so even though I have gotten 140k before, I'm still pretty happy if a video gets 25k.
    My advice to others: Make content in your niche, and sure, try going viral but within the niche and what you produce for your audience. You may not go AS viral but you'll get a lot more benefit from doing this!

  22. Excellent Explanation

    Ya Know I'm Not An Expert But Back In 2020 Everytime I Had A Video Go Viral I Would Delete My Other Videos And Only Focus On That Type Of Content

    Next Thing You Know My Niche Is Something I Don't Have Fun Doing.

  23. This little channel This gal she was NO VIEWS for 9 years ! All the sudden the algorithm picked her up and those low view vids all have thousands- ONLY BECAUSE SHES HOT

  24. Sometimes it's worth making viral videos, I try and make one a month that I know will get more views so it pays the bills and I can spend the rest of my time making the videos I enjoy the most. It doesn't always work but when it does it's a huge boost for my channel.

  25. Thank you for this video because when one of my videos got more than 35k views, i tried to replicate it, but of course it didn’t work. I struggle with making videos that can work for my channel. Also I was really harsh on myself for not getting those bigger views. Very helpful!

  26. My small channel suddenly shows a sudden drop in total views and this issue affected my old videos as well as new videos. I was about to be monetized soon but at this rate, I see it's difficult for me to grow. This one was like a 747 losing its all engines. Even my best videos are suffering. please help me

  27. I am still a very new channel, but I had a very early video surprisingly get over 10k views in 24 hours while my other videos had less than 10 each. That was only a month ago. It was a weird experience, and I’m curious what it will mean long term.

  28. The most views I have got on a single video was on my old review channel, I did a review on cobra kai season 2, after one month it received 1.3 Millon views total before the channel died out


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