Skip & Shannon assess Cowboys’ odds to win NFC East after WFT win vs. Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED

The Washington Football Team has won four straight games after their Week 13 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. The win brings WFT to 6-6 on the season and within arms reach of the NFC East leading Dallas Cowboys. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss if the WFT can be a legit threat to the Cowboys’ NFC East title chances.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip & Shannon assess Cowboys’ odds to win NFC East after WFT win vs. Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Comment (138)

  1. No one could have caught Dallas at 6 and 1. 320 million Americans. Only person who does not think Dallas will get the division: skip.bayless.

    Just show up every day. Throw the confetti. Dallas won't get past Green Bay, or Tampa Bay.

  2. Both of these guys forget WFT is the NFC 6th seed right now, and I love how Shannon mentions 3/4 teams on our winning streak (not mentioning the bucs). Keep sleeping!

  3. These announcer hate being wrong. Both of these guys picked against Washington. How about comment on what or how Washington is winning games. Lastly, Washington won the division last year which means they had the toughest schedule in the division and the Cowboys had the weakest but let's not mention how Dallas won its easy games. What about mentioning how Dallas only beat one team with a winning record based on ghost calls against the Chargers. But that would require some nuance.

  4. I expect a good showing from Dallas Sunday they have 10 days off should be rejuvenated on the road and like Skip says there is pressure to perform. WFT swept Dallas last year no more motivation should be required.

  5. Shanon Mc Cain did not hold him all the way! Yes he did hold for a about 2 seconds. But I guess it’s P-E! Shannon stp watching Highlights and watch the games. Shannon is disqualified from commenting. Go watch the games fool

  6. This is hilarious since Washington started their win streak against the reigning SB Champs aka Tampa Bay. Dallas also was swept last year by a Washington team using Kyle Allen and later Alex Smith at QB. The media's obsession with downplaying any positivity towards Washington is stunning, while Dallas' collapse the second half of the season gets entirely ignored.

  7. Can WASHINGTON get some respect we know we’re not one of the best in NFC but damn we beat bucs nobody mentions it we’re playing good football with TAYLOR

  8. Denver & Cincinnati are the 2 teams every gambler wants to avoid lol. Makes no sense how a team can look like SB contender 1 night then on the next look like Grey Cup contender… 🤣

  9. Everyone is coming back for Dallas and the players that dealt with covid should be healthier. Coaches will be back I’m sure. No excuse for Dallas losing against Washington.

  10. I love these guys, but this is pure entertainment, and no game analysis. These guys spent no time talking about how the Raiders was a high scoring team that was shut down. They sum up the game on 1 play. Washington is playing the best football in the NFC..

  11. Shannon, the receiver can't extend his arm while grabbing jersey either. For someone who played the game, you really don't pay attention the way you say you do. Just stick to being retired. You both lost in this "assessment" that you guys have made.

  12. If you look at the teams Dallas beat most of them are below average or just bad teams. Saints, Panthers, Atlanta, Philly, Minnesota, Giants are just bad! Chargers are average at best. I'd say the only good team Dallas has won against are the Patriots. As soon as a team is half decent Dallas has huge problems to move the chains and score points. They fall behind fast and far. They're slow starters and many times they can't overcome that. They lost to the freaking Raiders who got beat by Washington.

  13. the PI call wasnt as obvious as these clowns make it out to be. Mccain had his jersey but watching it live i dont think it slowed him down or prevented him from being able to catch it. he had to slow down and the ball was over his shoulder it was a hard catch and i dont think he catches it whether mccain is there or not. Also shannon says we need 9 games in a row. we already have 4 and now we play the eagles and cowboys twice and giants once to close out the year. I dont think we win the division but the cowboys tend to choke down the stretch so its more than possible

  14. What's the probability that WFT gets some respect ? I see about a 3% chance ..
    How are we not a threat if we swept the cowgirls last year and we have won 4 in a row ? It's also possible to lose 2 games and still win the division.


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