Siva Puram | Full Length Telugu Movie | Pruthvi Raj, Kavya

Sivapuram Full Length Movie Description : Gayatri (Revati), daughter of a priest, elopes with her lover to the US while she was about to be offered to Naga Devata. Gayatri narrates her story to her son Anand (Prithviraj), saying that there was a big sorcerer in her native village Sivapuram. During her childhood, that sorcerer tried to kidnap her but gets killed in the hands of her father. But that sorcerer, before dying transfers all his powers to his grandson called Digambar (Manoj K Jain) and tells him to take revenge against the priest’s family and grab the Naga Manikyam. Anand returns to Sivapuram to fulfil her last wish to light 1,000 lamps in Naga Devata temple and perform her last rites by immersing her ashes in the temple koneru (tank). In Sivapuram, Anand happens to meet his sister-in-law Bala (Kavya) and falls in love with her. For the remaining story watch Sivapuram.

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  1. nama shabhuvecha, maye bhavecha nama sankarya cha siva tharayacha naa siva dhrma raktham, sivaku abhishekam..,,,,srisaila sakshi ganapathi brarambha mallikarjuna sankalpa hasthu,…nandhi vahanam,, anandhi


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