Sitting Bull

Acclaimed as one of the few accurate accounts of the battle of Little Big Horn, this historical Western follows a cavalry major (Dale Robertson) who believes the Indians should receive just testament, and tries–to no avail–to prevent General Custer from riding into slaughter.

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  1. My favorite film that deals with the Battle of the Little Bighorn is Little Big Man, with Dustin Hoffman.
    Jack Crabb : General, you go down there.
    General Custer : You're advising me to go into the Coulee?
    Jack Crabb : Yes sir.
    General Custer : There are no Indians there, I suppose.
    Jack Crabb : I didn't say that. There are thousands of Indians down there. And when they get done with you, there won't be nothing left but a greasy spot. This ain't the Washite River, General, and them ain't helpless women and children waiting for you. They're Cheyenne brave, and Sioux. You go down there, General, if you've got the nerve.

  2. I don’t want to watch this but I am impressed that nearly a century ago Hollywood recognized that Mexicans are Native Americans. Now if this fact would just catch on in this millennium we’d all be better off.


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