Sinnai Shang | SAMPAA | YVO’s Ningol Nachom 2017

🎥 🎬 Filmed and live streamed on 25 October 2017 10 09 07 PM for YVO’s Ningol Nachom.

Full event video:



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Comment (83)

  1. Superb 😘 really unique composed. It says very nicely and unique identification of our sintha. I believe many of our new generation couldn't understand the meaning of the lyrics. Its really really very nice presentation. It feels proud to say it's our Manipuri song.

  2. Eisu epa leibk pu nungc jabs meitei lainingbu yokkhtpa mine meitei knse ntrad mutkhrani eikhoi ge eshage enat laining knse eikhoina kndrad kanana lk aga kngani ei mapn da leiri mapn da leirasu ei maymna eige religion keino hngk pada eid chaothok na eid sanamahism nena hy keino moina hngk e eikhoi manipur ge tongn ba eyek lei laining lei chsothok na hy moina wari taningge hy eikhoi history khngningge hyba adum yao e

  3. Sampaa gi lyrics mayamse loi fajri, kanana ebano Sampaa party na punna tanaraga ebibra..? Ntraga atoppa oja amana ehanbra? Yamna nung youna Ariba Manipuri culture khangna ebirise….????
    You you Sampaa 💖💖💖💖💖

  4. She perform the best according to my view, I truly admire the way she perform, melodic voice with emotionally great….. Through I'm kuki community from tribe, I really like the way she used to be and fully support for her future in words.


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