Should You Wish!? Eula + Albedo Rerun Banners Revealed! Genshin Impact

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Eula and Albedo Banners were both revealed. Bennet always brings value to the banners, but noelle and rosaria seem to be more niche picks depending who you ask. The weapon banner is also decently good if you want more unique weapons for your team!

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  1. Could only get c1 eula last banner, going c2 then just artifact farming again, skipping her claymore still, i assume its not going to just go away in the future, wolfs seems good enough for now. I feel like, you go eula if you have a shield user built, zhongli/diona and still skip albedo, i've not once found myself saying "Man if i only had my albedo on my team." Since i got albedo the last banner he was on.

  2. I’m on a rollercoaster right now, couldn’t decide pulling either for eula banner or future new characters. I’m a small spender currently buying blesings only and try to snipe Hutao but couldn’t get her. I have 40 wishes on the character banner, and For the 5 star weapon i got Homa and Aquila Favonia.
    I want to snipe c5 bennet and constelation for my rosaria. But scared of getting either of the 5 stars on the banner because For albedo i dont think my team synergize well with albedo, and I’m currently using keqing physical as a DPS, so don’t know if i should get Eula.
    So i’ve heard that Either Xiao rerun and future new polearm characters is coming soon, so should i take the risks of getting constelation for my bennet and rosaria on the Eula banner or saving my primogems for the future banner?

  3. Just saying, since Kazuha is not rerun alongside Freedom-Sworn this time, it's entirely possible that when Kazuha finally come back (probably not that far away since double banner rerun is a thing now), he will get a new signature weapon to go with him (similar to Polar Star for Childe's 2nd rerun).
    SO just be careful when chasing after that Freedom-Sworn sword, since it's a very niche weapon.

  4. For new/newrish players, I would highly recommend Eula’s banner. Eula is a top tier dps, Bennett is top tier support and Rosaria is a good sub dps. Good luck not getting C50 Noelle.

  5. Not a hard choice for me. Unless Albedo about to pull up in some Eula shorts, the choice has already been made. But I mean…. if they ever decide to give him that type of alt costume…..

  6. 2 of 6 of my favorite weapons are on this banner… Eula my first banner… I didn't have enough primos for a 5star the first time… I got kazuha the next banner…

    I may not have enough for Eula again but imma try… If I get her early sweet then I roll everything on that weapon banner… I want those weapons

  7. Since I’m maining Ayaka, I might skip Eula but might try to pull Albedo since I have Zhongli. Also, with the new artifacts, I’m kinda excited to build Noelle. Been planning it for so long!

  8. I play waifu only. I already have Eula, I didn't want Albedo then, I don't want him now. Bennett is meaningless and I don't like crutches . If I did use him I'd literally C6 him for memes and cuz it triggers people. Rosaria is nice and Noelle would just be a free wish

  9. I don't have Albedo, I got C0 Eula, C5 Benny, C5 Noelle and C2 Rosaria

    If there was no new weapon for albedo and geo set I would've gone straight for Eula's C1.. but now I don't know
    Also looking forward to C6 Noelle and C4 Rosaria

    As a con for Eula, farming for good pale flame is almost as bad as farming for witch set

  10. i see it like, albedo is a very good sub dps, and eula is a very good main dps, but there are much much better main dps than eula.
    so ur better off getting albedo, unless u already have a well built main dps

  11. Now that more players is reaching endgame. Either if its f2p or whale. Weapon really does matter specially if you max the character that you really want. Another great trap by mihoyo for f2p players to spend then become dolpin, and dolpin to whale. Nice business strat mihoyo. Lack of endgame content really helps this a lot.

  12. Eula is really good with Raiden Shogun. I made them 3 crowns beasts.
    My team recommendation to try Mtash

  13. spent 190 saved wishes on the previous weapon banner and didn't get the staff of homeless (I'm at 10~15 from pity), I'm going to try to get the Song of Broken Pines but since the weapon banner is super awesome my fate points will reset to 0 and I'm gonna get an off banner pull. Mark my words.

  14. I just got Bennett from the standard banner, and I really hope I could get him from this banner. I could not get him from the shop because I dont have enough Starglitter xD. I am defiantly pulling on this banner.

  15. i already have C0 Eula and love her and have been maining her non stop. i dont know if i should pull for C1 Eula or try to go for the Sword for her.

  16. If anyone is actually expecting them to add some new difficult permanent end game content any time soon, if ever, I honestly can't see it, and would say you should just drop that idea.

    From the start, they've clearly been trying to build the game around events, and tried adding ever more difficult events, only for that to fall apart, as people kept complaining about them being whale events. The fact they have moved away from both events being more geared towards multi player, and being more difficult, to single player, and more casual friendly, shows that it wasn't just some complaints, but the player activity stats they had would have supported the idea that most were having problems doing those events.

    The last survey felt like it was centred on seeing what people thought of character development, which would suggest they're trying to find out what is preventing people from doing harder content, which of course would suggest they don't play their own game, as it should be fucking obvious. Not enough characters, they're all in the gacha, same with weapons, for a game trying to put everything in the gacha, we don't get enough pulls from just playing to get enough stuff from the gacha, and then of course, there's the fucking artifact system. Looking at other games that make it so you can get what you need to play well, without being a whale, like say Arknights, or even Honkai to an extent, even if you don't need to whale to play well, many still do whale, as Arknights for instance is still pulling in pretty big bucks, so the idea that things need to be like they are with the gacha in Genshin, is just wrong.

    Then you can tell what a developer regards to be the most important content, based on the rewards provided. Events provide the best rewards by far, the most primogems, the only source of crowns, and a host of other things. Next there's dailies, then finally we have the abyss, yes, dailies are more rewarding than the abyss, at best, the abyss can provide about 66% of the primogems over the course of a month that dailies do, plus dailies are a good source of adventure XP, both have mora, dailies have weapon XP ore, while the abyss throws a few no doubt trash artifacts at you. With Honkai they made something geared around end game challenge content, while they've gone the complete other direction with Genshin, with it being more casual, and has zero competitive aspects.

    With the way Mtashed, and some others talk about what they hope to get from Genshin, I honestly think they'd be better off moving to other games if that is what they expect, I can't see Genshin ever providing it. This is especially the case when miHoYo has been able to make so much money off of a casual events focused game, with it still making upwards of 40x that of Honkai, which is more built around the content Mtashed, and other such people say they want, even when Genshin is lacking in so many quality of life, and such features Honkai has had for a long time, and they keep treating the Genshin community like crap.

  17. How does he have that many primos and so, the luxury to pull for both eula and a 5* weapon? Didn't he spend all his primos out of boredom not long ago?

  18. If you do end up getting Eula fair warning that she has a steep learning curve when it comes to learning to deal with her backloaded damage, so it could be a nice change of pace compared to your usual teams that are a bit more straightforward.

    As for Rosaria, she's a very good and versatile support that can fulfil several roles either as cryo applier, crit sharing or just be a strong reverse melt burst DPS with Kazuha and Xiangling applying pyro for her.

    She's also a good battery for Eula using Favonius Spear.

  19. Im not summoning but i'm so hype to see how much my albedo changes with the new weapon and artifacts, can't wait for when Itto and dog boi comes out Geo team is looking insane.

  20. Albedo might be not the most meta unit but he is stable. You can see him being always on the top 20 usage unit on spiral abyss for very long time considering him being a geo element (no offensive reaction).

  21. I wish everyone the best of primogems and financial stability to get what you wish for.

    Fellow Yae Miko wanters stay strong and become future Yae Miko havers.

  22. It's amazing how much I'll benefit off these banners. I use Rosaria, Noelle, and Bennett, and I've been wanting C1 Rosaria and more Noelle cons (C2). I have Benny C1, but C2 would be nice! And I've wanted Albedo for a while, I probably would have gotten him if I didn't use my garaunteed on Childe-

  23. Rosaria is one of the best supports you can get for Eula. Closes the melee gap with her teleport, provides cryo resonance, energy, crit rate, passive AoE, and phys def reduction.
    And they are both on the same banner, so there's that.

  24. Honestly, I'm biased because Eula is my most desired character, but I think Tash should grab her anyway, even if he gets the Freedom Sworn. New characters are new ways to play, and he'd probably dig her playstyle. Snowtombed Starsilver is a great weapon for her that everyone is guaranteed to get. Hell, she can make good use of his Skyward Pride, the same way Razor can.

  25. Imo Bennets constellations are overrated his C2 C4 and C6 are completely useless his only good constellations are C1 and C5 but the value they give you is not worth it especially compared to Xingqiu or Fischl constellations.

  26. eula and albedo banner is the easiest skip for me cuz i dont fking know when ganyu rerun is coming i need someone who can do consistent dps i dont need someone who cant do consistent dps and i dont need someone that needs zhongli to be good

  27. i already have eula n albedo is fun to play like i like how he do his ult 😍 but i am saving for shenhe,yae and ayato for now welp might pull for few cons for benny thats it 🙂

  28. 1. One of the most indispensable character for damage
    2. The shielder, healer and damage dealer
    3. the best Cryo support for Eula at C6

    I would say This banner is very considerate of the rated up chars of the patch

  29. I don’t know where you have the primos from, to pull on both weapon’s and character’s banners since you’re free to play. But I guess you’re not F2P anymore and I don’t care actually.
    There is a whale streamer playing with everything C6 and R5 but without any artifacts. He demonstrated that the most impactful stats in the game are coming from artifacts. It’s pointless to get many constellations or 5 stars weapons if you lack the good artifacts. Leveling new chars like a bot instead of getting artifacts is the worst you could do.
    GL with your pulls. I’ll skip and build better artifacts for my 4 meta teams. I don’t need more chars… I’m already at 36.


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