Should I Refinance Or Sell My House?

Should I Refinance Or Just Sell My House?
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Comment (41)

  1. In My Country in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago we typically do not take put loans for education. We will rather work part time jobs and do our education so our jobs will pay the education cash instead of giving money to banks. Also self employment is the way to go these days…

  2. Why would she call and ask for advice but is unwilling to tell his medical condition? I get the privacy component but don’t people typically change where they’re calling from to protect privacy?

  3. I would go and refi. The student loan interests would be more than the house, once it kicks beck in.
    Apartments will be more than their mortgage.
    Dave thinks selling the house would fix everything.

  4. Honey, no body knows you or your husband, nor do we care – if he ain't gonna die you could have disclosed his condition so Dave can help you better. Just weird.

  5. SELL! And enjoy your financial freedom as a happy renter for the time being. “Eff” the house. Your financial freedom and peace of mind is more important. I’m a homeowner now, but those years I spent as a renter gave me some of the most restful sleep of my life.

  6. If the husband is the bread winner and the one who is medically ill, why is the wife calling in for any advice as if she’s the leader or head of household to begin with? Does the husband even know his wife went outside of the home to ask another man advice??? Let’s start there. You make 30k and he makes 110k. Step back and let the husband make the choices lady (who also can’t even explain what the medical condition is so she can actually get better assistance). SMH.

  7. Caller: what can I do to build my wealth faster?
    Dave: sell your car, wife, and kids, then eat nothing but rice and beans
    Caller: actually I'm allergic to rice and beans
    Dave: 😱😱😱

  8. If you can find a cheap apt: sell now, pay off debt, save for another down payment. If the medical problem ends up costing $$$, use it for that instead.

    If apt. rents are through the roof: refinance, and get a better job. Your problem in this option is your 20-30k income. Not enough to pay a mortgage, 137k of loans, and the possibility of high medical bills.


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