Shohei Ohtani CRUSHES his 2nd homer of the game and adds an EPIC bat flip!

Shohei Ohtani destroyed this home run and celebrated with a huge bat flip.

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  1. I hope this is the turning point for him. I know he's carrying a heavy burden on his back of trying to live up to the expectation coming in this season after a tremendous 2021 campaign. It's about damn time for those Big Flies Ohtani-san.

  2. I just hope Shohei does not strike out a lot and get his pitching back where it was last year but damn it feels good to see him rake a couple bombs to release all the frustrations out. Hope he can hit a 3 hr game soon.

  3. For those who didn't watch the game: this homerun happened right after an extremely embarrassing inning for the Angels. Joe Maddon issued an intentional walk for Seager with BASES LOADED, and Austin Warren on the mound was very confused so were all the other guys on the field, it got them fired up.
    And then this homer and the bat flip by Shohei. He knows how it must've felt for Warren. It was an interesting game for sure.

  4. LOL Epic bat flip?? LOL C'mon man. It was probably the biggest most deliberate bat flip he's ever had…But on a scale of 1 – 10…it was a 3 at best! Its not really his thing.

    But he'll get better if he keeps at it!

  5. Lol! They called that a 415 ft hr! Hahaha. This reminded me of him coming out of his slump last year vs the twins in mn. He was 3-24. Than hit a double. He hit that in the 8th or 9th yesterday. And than his next ab just like in mn was a huge HR! 5HR game! Thats a record! For the season. So far.

  6. Walking Shohei is not a good idea anymore since Trout is right behind him in the batting order. It'll be interesting if Shohei and Trout can stay healthy the whole season.

  7. 今年も解説の日本語楽しみだわ😂

  8. Ohtani hits a homer and then trout rips a double… Man.. What a life angels fans must live😍… They better do something with them tho

  9. Blessings from Taiwan  🇹🇼😇💖

    Happy for Ohtani's  MLB  #2 homerun in 2022 ! 🥳🥳🥳

    #3 RBI ☝️🥳

    #1 stolen base 😎

    Go Angels  🥰
    Go Ohtani 💪🤩👍

    Blessings from Taiwan  🇹🇼😇💖


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