Sharing COVID-19 experiences: The New Zealand response

In response to community transmission of COVID-19, New Zealand implemented a range of measures to contain the virus, including extensive testing, contact tracing and clear and consistent communications to the public. On 8 June 2020, the government reported that there was no more active transmission of the virus in the country but stressed that it needed to remain vigilant. This video tells the story of New Zealand’s response. More information:

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  1. Ye should be so proud of yourselves I'm in Ireland STILL in full lockdown and they are apparently adding another 9 weeks!! They don't know what they're doing! Wish Irish government was this smart and fast

  2. This latest COVID19 outbreak happened because 2 families mixed and mingled while in isolation and infectious. Then that stupid persons in their 18 and 21 went to work, shopping and to the gym. This thrown the whole country into alert level 2 and Auckland in 3 lockdown. So you see what happens when people are ignorant and not following instructions. They endangering everyone and there should be charges being laid against the 2 ignorant families. They knew better!!Then, apparently many fleeing Auckland before the border was in place, good for them, but hopefully nobody was infected with COVID19.

  3. New Zealand owes its success not to the Chinese subsidiary WHO, but to Taiwan, the first and best model of success as a country against COVID. Without going into any lockdown, by the way.

  4. so if this fucking covid is such a bad pandemic answer me this sheeple, why are there no hazard waste bins for your face diapers and gloves when you throw them away. if this wasnt a crock of bullshit there would be biohazard waste disposals for all your muzzles that you throw away.

  5. I am proud that NZ is very slow and cautious with the "vaccine" rollout. I urge NZ to please wait. Do not give these vaccines to New Zealanders. The ones who take them will find out why. Overseas covid surges are going hand in hand with the "vaccine" rollout. Try and put 2 and 2 together. The gene altering jabs are bad news.

  6. While here in America our president did the total opposite. We pulled out of the WHO , made mask wearing a political thing, suggested using bleach and UV sunlight to fighting the virus and turned the CDC’s guidelines to suggestion.

  7. They are rolling out "vaccine" in NZ. They would like every NZ citizen injected. 4 people who received pfizer jab dead already. Govt official stance is "no link to the jab…"
    …pray for us…

  8. United Kingdom here. Still worried about the covid Indian variant, borders were not closed, started to open restaurants and pubs / bars again with distancing, have had over 120,000 deaths, went into 3 national Lockdowns and even had a tier system plan for regions that need to isolate which did not last long or work effectively, were told herd immunity would work but now being told nearly everyone needs a vaccination.

    New Zealand has always been my example at what country is doing right in its leadership against Covid. Swift and immediate action. All these politicians worrying about the state of the country against lockdowns, when all they are doing is pushing it further towards a worse one. New Zealand however went in with next to no issue, and came out shortly after and rebuilt from there. Now they live covid free (respectively).

    Sucks to be us, we're stuck with Bojo Johnson.

  9. It was an action that has helped save us pretty much. A short term end to a long term goal. You take a look at the rest of the world and especially Australia right now. We kicked Coronas ass because our Government put our people FIRST. Proud of the response from our Government.

  10. useless Government if it is a elimination goal untill all vaccinated ,why have the travel bubble ,I think the lock down is going to be way more expensive then any benefits of a stupid travel bubble they are going to be costing us Billions ,you and I will be paying for there incompetency

  11. In few rmonths in lockdown limbo gonna protestt then comes nojab nojob for essential workers qr travel permits for these workers renewable online every fortnight

  12. This made me emotional 🙂 I spent the whole lockdown alone, away from family overseas and friends. I remember leaving work on the day it was announced and heading home wondering how long this was gonna last. I became a citizen of this amazing place in 2018 and am deeply grateful for every. single. day. I get to spend here.

  13. Jesus what I've seen in last week , the great new Zealand are being brainwashed? With tiny covid cases,
    Like Israel government constantly sounding air attack warnings every other day, ! Mainly to keeping people down/frightened/worried so their political wish can continue, I hope the kiwis have balls and pray they lead their life's unhampered but peculiar government 🤞🤞👍👍

  14. So, we have hundreds of thousands of people getting together for football games on college campuses across our country with no ill effects.

    I don't know what your problem is.

  15. Turns out I was right. They just announced they can't control the spread and will have to learn to live with it. Which I'm assuming draconian measures like Canada where unvaccinated cannot participate in society. Have fun new zealand

  16. Too little, too late. Bungled vaccine roll-out, no booster ordered yet, unhelpful minority groups not getting vaccinated, out-of-control gangs doing what the hell they like, bizarre border restrictions, useless MIQ processes the list goes on and on and on…..

  17. Sweden remained open and gee guess what they are doing pretty good.
    Israel was one of the first countries to mass vax early ,two to three months ago they had 40% unvaxxed in hospital and 60% fully vaxxed but about a month ago those numbers were 15% unvaxxed in hospital and 85% fully vaxxed and the group not getting really sick or sick at all from delta are those that got the original covid last year,looks like natural immunity is doing better then fake man made immunity,JUST SAYING THE STATS.
    Also in America the cdc stopped counting breakthrough cases in the fully vaxxed a good couple of months ago when the numbers reached 10,000 break through cases in the vaccinated,also when a vaccinated person gets sick their viral load is way higher then a unvaxxed sick person so the vaccinated become super spreaders,but ofcourse msm would never tell you this sort of stuff,JUST THAT VACCINES ARE SAFE SO GO GET VAXXED OH AND THEY WILL NEVER TELL YOU THAT OVER 12,000 PPL HAVE ACTUALLY DIED IN AMERICA FROM THE VACCINE AND THAT OVER ANOTHER 400,000 HAVE BEEN VACCINE INJURED,SO THERES THAT AS WELL.

  18. Why is no one talking about this like our lives depend on it? They've stripped all our rights and freedoms. We must vaccinate from an illness with a ~1% mortality rate (similar to seasonal influenza) or face complete isolation and segregation from basic human activities. We cannot even leave our city or country. Everyone must be tracked, every place they go. Even children who have a close to 0% risk from covid-19 are discriminated against if not vaccinated. ☹️ Help us.

  19. NZ is slipping into a country of NO freedoms. Vac m-a-n-d-a-t-e-s people loosing their jobs due to not getting the jab, lockdowns continuous lies from Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins and Ashley Bloomfield. They aim to jab everyone at all costs. Please search Dr Peter mc Cullough doctor blows lid off covid. Dr Michael Yeadon all on rumble website.

    The truth is getting out and when we win and take our country back they will be brought before the new justice system for crimes against humanity in NZ. Good thing the govt likes lockdowns cause these leaders when accountability comes are gonna live it. NZ for the people. NZ Govt stand down you have given up your God given mandate and authority to punish the wicked and protect the innocent. Either repent and turn from your evil ways or stand down.


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