Shaquille O’Neal Bets He and Kobe Bryant Could Beat LeBron James, Anthony Davis

Shaquille O’Neal responds to a meme pitting him and Kobe Bryant against LeBron James and Anthony Davis in a 2-on-2 game, reveals why he knows Stevie Wonder is not really blind and teases his fourth annual Shaq’s Fun House Super Bowl party.

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Shaquille O’NealBets He and Kobe Bryant Could Beat LeBron James, Anthony Davis


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  1. "Who's gonna guard me?" Okay but who's gonna guard LeBron and AD because Kobe is two small for both these guys and Shaq is too slow. And you don't have to guard Shaq anyway, you just have to foul him and send him to the free throw line

  2. Absolutely not.Shaq wouldn't dominate.he didn't dominate when he played.he had great people around him.lest we forget.he had no skill.when he played at Boston and at phoenix..he was like a bumbling uncoordinated junior high player.

  3. Although LeBron and Anthony Davis are good enough in the current league, how are they going to beat a guy who got 81 points at the peak of his career, and the other guy destroys the entire basket and been called the "Big Diesel".

  4. 100% believe him about wonder.
    He was on one of our biggest Australian t.v shows, hey hey its saturday in the 80s.
    My dad played keyboard for a very long time and him and i were watching on t.v.
    Steavy did something with a cord laying over the very edge of his keyboard and i remember my dad jumping up off the lounge saying "he can see! Theres no way he knew that was there!"
    Then he started playing and my dad must of seen something and went crazy yelling " no fucking way, no fucking way, its a lie! Steavy wonder can fucking see" we were all laughed so hard but dad wasnt.

  5. Nobody needs to guard u shaq lol. The most u could do is a 2 pointer. While these 2 can just rain 3s on you and u can't guard em coz they got fine handles lol.

    Don't overestimate urself shaq. Ur just strong, they are far more skillful than u.

  6. Shaq is so funny for no reason man I love him 😂😂😂 and RIP Kobe Shaq was devastated when he found out May Kobe Rest In Peace 🙏🏽🕊

  7. If in a 2 v 2, there was PRIME Shaq, Kobe, LBJ, and AD, Shaq and Kobe would win. No free throws, we don't need any Hack-a-Shaq around here. AD could never guard the Big Diesel, and Kobe vs LBJ is a pretty fair match-up. Ì think that Shaq and Kobe would win in a best of 7 series.

  8. Dissecting the matchup Kobe and O’Neill vs James and Davis sly age and scoring goes to Davis and James and then mentality and clutchNess goes to bryant and O’Neill.. that would be a great 2v2 match that I’m about to go do on 2K lol.. The reason I say scoring goes to Davis and James is because Anthony Davis has a postop and a three point shot to where shaq only has inside game and power immense power. I also think James out powers bryant but I think Kobe Bryant‘s foot work would overwhelm James and break hin down after a while(for video evidence till we did it to him plenty of times when they played). Kobe Bryant would Put the foot on the throat when he got ahead take that double-team dish to shaq.

  9. I mean it’ll end up just Kobe vs Lebron
    cuz AD will get injured asap, and the reff nowadays will give Shaq double tech asap and throw him out the game for the way he play.


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