Shang Chi Alternate Ending and Post Credit Scene Deleted Scenes Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Shang Chi Alternate Ending, Alternate Post Credit Scene. Deleted Scenes Explained, Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs, Ten Rings, Avengers 5 & Eternals ►
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Covering FULL Marvel Shang Chi Alternate Ending, Deleted Scenes and Alternate Shang Chi Post Credit Scene, Mid Credit Scene. Ten Rings of Power backstory, Tao Lao Alternate Dimension and where Shang Chi’s Mother came from. How Shang Chi’s Power comes from the Great Protector Dragon. Shang Chi Post Credit Scene with Wong, New Avengers, The Hulk, Captain Marvel and new Avengers 5 Teaser for the cosmic threat and the cosmic beacon from the Ten Rings.

Marvel Eternals Movie also sets up more cosmic MCU characters like the Celestials. But they are from a different dimension than the Ten Rings and the Great Protector. Shang Chi 2 Sequel Movie setup explained. Wong and Abomination Scene Explained and how that’s related to Val, Falcon and Winter Soldier Ending and Black Widow Post Credit Scene with Yelena Belova.

Shang Chi Post Credit Scene with Xialing and the new Ten Rings Organziation. The Ten Rings Will Return message explained too. They will come back in a future movie before Shang Chi 2. And where the Post Credit Scene and Mid Credit Scene fall in the Marvel timeline between Avengers Endgame Ending and Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer. Because of Wong, Doctor Strange and the Sanctum.

I’ll do more videos about the Ten Rings and how they’ll affect Avengers 5 and the future of Marvel Phase 4. They’ll also be doing some of that during the Eternals Movie, Spider-Man No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. Shang Chi will be one of the new Avengers during Avengers 5.

More Disney Plus Day Marvel Trailers coming. New Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer soon. Marvel Phase 4 Trailers. There were many new Marvel Disney Plus Series announcements and Teasers during their larger trailer video. Like new X-Men Episodes. A New MCU Tom Holland Spider-Man Series. So I’ll try to post all those as soon as possible.

More Spider-Man No Way Home videos soon! And My Full Hawkeye Episode 1 and Episode 2 videos will post next Wed. after they’re released. Hawkeye Episodes will air weekly.

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Comment (390)

  1. I wish his final move looked better. He just rotated both of his elbows and boom. Would have liked to see something more epic like him retracting all the rings out of the creatures body in a satisfying way or something.

  2. There another deleted extended helicopter scene where Wenwu, in 1996, let's the leader of the Iron Gang go. The Iron gang leader later comes back years later and kills Wenwu's wife.

  3. I still feel like Awkwafina was the most useless character in that movie. Could've left her in New York and it wouldn't have changed the story much. Love her scenes, but left me with a lot of "why is she still here?" .

  4. This movie makes iron fist tv look awesome, even tho iron fist has a white actor that actor is more into his character then who ever this guy is trying to play

  5. i watched this video then went on tiktok and got like 5 different shang chi videos after not seeing any shang chi content in months,

    seems like youtube and tiktok are in kahoots

  6. First, first, first, firstly. Finally finished first, first…friend family.. Firstly…first-time… Friend first time… Cousin…first-time…friend family… Friend family……,……

  7. I really hope they don't go down that predictable romance trope. Why does every male-female friendship in movies always end up romantic. Over done. We need more plane old "no we are just friends" and stick with it. Their friendship worked in this movie. Maybe they can both have the hots for someone like Scarlet Witch. That would be fun to watch.

  8. Wait a minute. I had no freaking idea Disney/Marvel were even developing a Ten Rings series on Disney Plus. When the hell did they announce this & how come I’m just hearing about it now?! Weird!

    Can’t wait for the new Hawkeye series, too!

  9. Is no one making the connection with the eternals ….I feel like the rings were made by hephastos from eternals that’s exactly why it predates anything on earth and is a connection with the celestial which connects together with the eternals creating the uni mind …..

  10. I mildly enjoyed this after weeks of avoiding it .. I bet I enjoy it more on the next viewing.. it's like a Tyson Fury fight.. enjoy it or not , the proof is in the pudding 😉

  11. Bruh MCU don't miss no drago thanks fo da breakdowns pimpin no cap lol stay safe RIP Michael K Williams Young Dolph n Willie Garson BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  12. I actually didn’t mind Shang Chi. But to say “We wanted to make Shang Chi and Katie have a Tony and Pepper Potts” is so Marvel Phase 4 it’s actually sad.

    There isn’t a female MCU character currently in existence that is as compelling a character as Pepper Potts and there isn’t a male character in existence now (and sadly probably forever) in the MCU that will be 1/25 as compelling as Tony Stark.

    The sheer complexity of their characters, their dynamic, their individual and collective strength is unrivaled in any comic book adaptation of anything.

    And for the new MCU Phase Bore directors to reference “oh, this is what we are doing with these two” just shows that they probably didn’t even watch the previous movies, nor were they actual, real fans of them.

    I was happy Shang Chi wasn’t a bad movie. That is the bar for Marvel these days.

    When Wang, the guy who gave Dr Strange the WiFi password at Kar Matage, is able to just pop up and say- hey Shang Chi and Katie (who actually was a valet two days prior), you are both Avengers, come with me- just goes to show how little things mean anymore.

  13. I’m happy they took out that Razorfist pep talk because it just reminded me of Clint to Wanda in AoU 🤷🏽‍♂️ But they should’ve kept the shot of him just slaying down demons with two swords and then surviving, not every C-list or below villain has to just die after a scene or two Marvel

  14. Razor Fist honestly should’ve died and they should’ve kept Shang Chi’s teacher. Not only was he cooler but I believe he would be more interesting to take a deep dive into.

  15. It reminded me of the Hawkeye and scarlet witch talk where they were talking and Hawkeye was telling her if she stepped out she was an avenger so if they would have done that it would have done that it would have been really cheesy and just seem like they couldn't come up with an original ideal so I'm glad they didn't do that

  16. And also this is a movie that panda's to China and was not allowed to be played over there which lost Disney probably a 1/2 a million dollars dollars they know that the Chinese do not condone homosexuality so if they put that in there for a sequel that 1 will not be allowed to play in China either

  17. I liked this one more than the one we got but like you said it would of slowed the story down and I'm glad they kept razor fist I liked his character. The ten rings show will that be shang chi or will it be stories of when his dad had the rings.

  18. I really didn’t like Katy’s character in the movie. Felt like her humor was forced and Shang Chi can get a more attractive woman lol come on now! Bruce had Nat, Tony had Pepper, TCHALLA had a nice ex woman. Come on Marvel lol get Shang Chi a baddie!

  19. They could also bring Wenwu back on an alternate time line due to multiverse event in new Dr Strange movie. Brought back Doc Oct, Green Goblin, et aL that way.


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