A comedy about two football players and their mutual girlfriend. Includes many spoofs and parodies about various self-help groups and personal self-improvement seminars that were wildly popular during the 1970’s.

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  1. Damn, y'all posted this 3 days ago? I was JUST watching Silver Streak and I searched for Jill Clayburgh and I stumbled upon this movie. Both of them were made before I was born, but this one has Burt Reynolds in it and I knew I had to see it.

  2. I love a movie where everyone is just genuine. People are different, so conflicts will still arise. Some people have strange ideas that sound silly, but you can still wrestle with their truths. People don't have to be back-handed, sneaky, manipulative sociopaths. Just be real, and let the truth cause all the problems it needs to.

  3. Youtube has some funny censoring edits. Watch De Niro in Ronin and he says fudge instead of… this has the alien from Arrival walking up to a girl and ripping her top off. Good thing I signed in to verify my age!

  4. Not a well thought out movie… Better than watching the news I guess. I'm not gonna complain too much about a free movie though… Thanks you tube… It's a rainy day here.


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