SeaWorld killer whale Tilikum dies

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  1. Don't you know that Tilikum the killer whale orca they had insurance on that Orca Tilikum and it's just so happens after he kills another trainer then he's dead of course that's just a coincidence we right how much did a get at the insurance money that they insured Telecom for but he was taken out of the wild away from his family to perform 2BR entertainment what is b***** and I do not blame the whale blame the ignorant stupid people that do such things how much did he weigh did you see his dorsal fin did it ever stand up no want to know why cuz he was unhappy sad and depressed I wanted to go back home to his family not in a little swimming pool when he should be swimming around the ocean

  2. Are you f**** kidding me SeaWorld treated him like family he was part of the SeaWorld family if they care for him so much anybody for that matter maybe you guys should have got a petition to let him go to be free

  3. I miss the Believe show, it changed so many lives. It changed my life! Unfortunately these are now Hybrid Orcas they can’t be in the wild, not even a seapin because there so used to the chlorinated water it can make them sick- Keiko the people spent 20 mil to release him he couldn’t catch food, traveled 900 miles to chase boats because he wanted to be with humans- he never found his family and died 4 months after his release alone with phenomena. I believe the trainers truly love there killer whales, the behaviors they do for them they wouldn’t do if they hated humans, Tilikum was 12,000 pounds he was actually bigger than wild killer whales. I don’t think they where starved. I look at it as okay they can’t be released so at least keep them busy with shows and water-work. I know most people say they just sit there and do nothing, Seaworld is open from 9 to dusk, than you have to think about behind the scenes what the vets, trainers and owners do with them- I’m sure there busy. One ☝️ thing that bothers me is Lolitas situation she only works 3xs a week 2x 15 min shows at Miami Seaquarium her living situation is awful. She has defied all odds by being the eldest orca in captivity despite her small whale bowl, she 57 and has been in there for 50 years 😳 i know it’s expensive AF to make tanks, it’s not like buying land but god damn I went there last week to visit her it broke my heart her tank is the size of my community swimming pool. If you get a chance look up behind the scenes of Believe at Seaworld so much blood sweat and tears went into making that, those whales truly changed every parent and child sitting in those seats. Rip Tillikum and Dawn

  4. my thing is that is a WHALE . what did u expect when you took it from its natural habitat , whilst getting abused and forced to do tricks half his life .. lile cmon now

  5. I’m kinda in the middle with both sides. I feel bad for Tilly, because he was captivated in a bowl for the rest of his life. It breaks my heart, but at the same time he wouldn’t have enough experience go out in the ocean because of the way he was trained which is also heartbreaking. The trainers are good people and there is only 80 orca left in the world, so I also see why Sea World keeps them because they want them to be safe and keep them around a bit longer to improve there population but they are also mentally dying and feeling depressed and I would feel the same if I was in the same place for 30+ years. So it’s a lose-lose either way


  7. Orcas usually live up to 80 years in the wild. You can see how bent it’s dorsal fin is. Those tanks aren’t fit for suck large and intelligent animals

  8. It's cruel and barbaric what they do to these animals taken from the sea from there mother and pods and put into a concrete tank they are worked to death they will be so depressed there dorsal fins are collapsed and should not be that goes to show what these animals are going through.this needs to stop they are called killer whales for a reason you go in that tank with black wet suit on there gonna think your a seal this cruelty must stop all these trainers are putting them selves at risk no sympathy for any of them these Wales bang them selves in the tank they are cracking up I çould go on speaking up for these whales stop this now they belong in the sea with there pods.cruelty sea world stop this now they are not for entertainment.

  9. This is the thing about humans, most of us don't really care about things until they are gone, and even when the whale died, they didn't care as much as I you then they would. Now that I think about it, the only people that cared about human deaths at sea world was the person's family. No one else barely cared, maybe there was a report about it, but after that, they was bacically just like, "More whale trainers, everything is fine, and more animal abuse."

  10. If that was my wife he killed I would have gladly killed that POS. Not for nothing, Sea World should be sued into oblivion for keeping it long enough to kill 2 nevermind 4. That's Criminal.

  11. Sea world killed him!.
    Over worked n had a bad reputation for killing his cruel trainers…. these parks should be banned pronto a whale is nit not meant to be kept in a tiny body of water teased every day by stupid brainless people for $$$s
    Same for all the zoos too ban all of them free our animals..

  12. These poor creatures are tortured over and over in these tiny tanks, removed from their families, starved and forced to do dumb tricks for a few dead fish. Let’s STOP supporting venues that use animals for profit. Seaworld is a multimillion dollar corporation that abuses animals and people pay to watch it. Disgraceful.

  13. I thought serious, when the Sea World trainer died in 2009, and then again in Orlando Sea World in 2010 when trainer died there too, I thought maybe the would put Tillicum to sleep certainly after killing three people.

  14. Sea World killed Tilikum! By isolated him to loneliness! No touch or interaction like he was used to. He was depressed he didn't know want he did wrong. Orcas are the top predator of the ocean. After he harmed just one trainer Sea World should've made a sanctuary for him in the ocean! They are are smart if they can adapt to being in a concrete tank after being taken from there home he could adapt to the ocean again. No one should go to these shows anymore! It's cruel!

  15. They shouldn't have ever took him from the ocean, but realistically if they would've put him back in the ocean after being raised in captivity he wouldn't survive long either.

  16. That is no age for a healthy male!! I heared his was depressed and isolated after he killed Dawn?? I have no idea but I can understqnd the trainer's very good when they did not want to work with him or did they??

  17. SeaWorld you will be judged on your heinous cruelty towards this precious orca. You very clearly allowed Tilikum to suffer horrifically while you profiteered without scant concern for his welfare and needs to live as a free orca within his own natural habitat.

  18. Pepole should feel bad for orcas stuck in that tank let them live in the regular ocean it's disrespectful and the tank is so small pepole should feel bad but pepole make you decisions and if you don't feel bad you don't feel bad I feel bad so pepole it's your decision

  19. Poor Tilly, abducted at 2 years old, kept in the worst enclosures being beaten up daily, then thrown into seaworld to die years later of a lung infection, after years of isolation.

    The board of directors for seaworld should be arrested and sent to jail.


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