Screaming Females – Rotten Apple / Boyfriend

Screaming Females playing “Rotten Apple” and “Boyfriend” live at the South Street Seaport in New York City on July 09, 2011.

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  1. I does not matter if you painted your face and walk naked and shit on stage. It matters how talented you are. Its just a great band and a very talented girl.

  2. Pretty sure the noise and oscillation is from a boss digital delay. Read an interview with her where she said she has used big muffs and a rat. Such an inspiring artist!!

  3. Punk rock guitarist are typically not very good , they very rarely play leads, not because its out of fashion ( AS THEY CLAIM ) but more like they arent talented enough or havent put in the time and practice,, so if she's really gonna play leads on the guitar, she should listen to the guitar greats Blackmore, Schenker etc.and "RAISE HER BAR", .until than she just another mediocre guitar player making noise.

  4. I found this band yesterday,on the AV cover project.still don't know much about them,I'm older and don't listen to to much rock these days old bands get stuck recycling there hits and most of the younger bands can't play.three chord strummers .singing pop tunes.but this sounds like Jimi Hendrixs and Janis Joplin formed a Punk Band.Must hear more.

  5. The crowd seem docile, ha. Just discovered this band, wasn't sure at first, but then watched this video – I'm sold! She wails, she's pretty damn good with her guitar, the band is tight. 'Boyfriend' was so rad.

  6. I love the people in the background clearly not there for the show specifically just watching as Marissa screams like a woman possessed into her mic.

  7. Her vibrato is fucking enchanting. I can totally see why people wouldn’t dig this, but fucking god damn, I’ve been listening to them since Ugly and still loving them


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