Say Hello to the New #1 GPU – Tech News Nov 21

Say Hello to the New #1 GPU – Tech News Nov 21
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0:00 Intro
1:29 New Graphics Card market entry: Innosilicon’s Fenghua No.1 GPU
3:07 Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 with 12GB memory listed at EEC
4:20 NVIDIA’s “new” image scaler: open-source competitor to AMD FSR
5:05 NVIDIA’s Quarterly Revenue Hits All-Time High of $7.1 Billion
5:50 TCL Demos 32-inch 4K 240Hz LCD, 75-inch 8K 265Hz MLED
6:48 Streamlabs rips off Lightstream’s whole website
9:35 Right to Repair Win: Apple Announces Self Service Repair
10:18 MediaTek Announces Dimensity 9000 Flagship SoC on 4nm
10:57 YouTube dislike button – the co-founder’s opinion
11:50 Call of Duty bans now apply to all ‘past, present, and future’ games
12:15 Inside Intel’s Fab 42 in Arizona: tantalizing pics
12:50 Most Common Passwords List 2021

China’s making a splash within the GPU market with Innosilicon’s Fenghua No.1 GPU
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 with 12GB memory listed at EEC
Nvidia turns its image scaler into an open-source alternative to DLSS, competitor to AMD FSR
Nvidia’s Quarterly Revenue Hits All-Time High of $7.1 Billion
TCL Demos 32-inch 4K 240Hz LCD, Teases 75-inch 8K 265Hz MLED TV
Streamlabs rips off Lightstream’s whole website
Right to Repair Win: Apple Announces Self Service Repair
MediaTek Announces Dimensity 9000 Flagship SoC on 4nm
YouTube dislikes – co-founder’s opinion
Call of Duty bans may now apply to all ‘past, present, and future’ games in the series
Intel’s Arizona fab: tantalizing pics
2021 Most Common Passwords List

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  1. Password tips: pick a word that you commonly misspell and use the letters of that work up to the misspelling, but don't use the whol word. See what I did there. Type that with caps lock on or off, what ever floats your boat. Then use 3 numbers in some sort of sequence that you know. Then use 3 letters in some sort of sequence that you know and make them the opposite case of the the misspelled partial word. Then use 3 special characters that are in some sort of sequence that you know. Now you have what is probably a 12+ character password where you can advance the letters, numbers and special characters each time the IT department forces you to update it.
    When will we be allowed to use emojis in passwords? 😉

  2. Paul, do you plan on doing your usual Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals vid again this year? Not trying to get you to spoil any content, you're just one of the only opinions I trust to put out a good list of actual deals. Thanks.

  3. When you say Nvidia's profits down to the last quarter, do you mean they were so precise revealing how much money they made they included the last 25c, or do you mean they disclosed the profits from the last 3 months?

  4. I loved it until the last minute when Paul said, "Stick to online sales, is my advice." Do support your local brick-and-mortar retailers where it makes sense, is my counteradvice. Support the people who stock shelves and give in-person advice. Help the employment situation in your neighborhood. Where it makes sense.

  5. I love the call of duty perma ban idea (not sure it would be effective though).

    Most cheaters are doing it because they got bored of the game and they think the player counts are down anyways (even when it's not true, or the cheating is the thing driving away players). So if there's the threat they'll be prevented from playing the next one it could be enough to disuade them (since clearly it's the only game they play)

  6. Where are those passwords actually used? You can't type those in as your email password or for your login for any big platform. Your bank doesn't let you set 777777… So where does this list come from? Because if it's just your phone lockscreen or laptop local login, does it matter that much?

  7. Does anyone else find it creepy that statistics on passwords can be gathered so easily? I'm sure that they claim to do this anonymously, but shouldn't password data remain secret by definition?

  8. Thank you Paul for our weekly source of (rapidly becoming irreplaceable) entertaining & sanely informative news vids!! You should know you're appreciated, and your humour is also gold!!

  9. Just imagine that Chinese company release a desktop GPU card called PowerVR KYRO III 5500 and be competitive with Tile rendering!
    All the nostalgia back in 2002 when I had a Kyro II 4500 64MB agp2x one from Hercules…

  10. I finally–FINALLY got a graphics card after months of failure with Newegg so my shopping is complete for the year. It's not the one I wanted (Reference 3070) but I did not settle too far away (Asus 3060ti KO) so I'll be good for some tasty 1440p gaming.

  11. how about keep the dislike button and add a spot if someone really has to click DISLIKE describe in 50 characters or less why a dislike.. … Like saying i dislike video because the reflections from his glasses are annoying…. just an example ,keep up the great content Paul 🙂

  12. Apple will price the parts and manuals and schematics so high it wont be worth repairing yourself. Or nothing will be available because of "sold out/ back order" status. Which will just be yet another apple lie.

  13. I have my notification bell on for your channel but I never get notifications when you upload. It only happens with your channel. I hope YouTube isn't purposely doing bad things to your channel.

  14. This is the problem we're going to continue to face with graphics cards for a long time to come – revenue is at an all-time high because demand is so high and supply is so poor. These companies have no incentive to increase production because increased production means increased manufacturing costs while increasing supply will lead to a drop in demand and a lowering of prices, both of which will cut into the profit margins they are currently enjoying. Put another way: get used to paying through the nose for graphics cards – it's not changing any time soon, if ever.

  15. The whole reason behind "removing dislikes", is so that Major Media utilizing the platform doesnt have to be taking negatives for their content. They dont see what it matters who likes or disliked, they are already paid.

  16. lol password reveals are always equally scary and funny to see.. now who has them is the question and if its for anything other than a grandmothers email then we got a problem 💀

  17. Does the cartoon depicting the self-repair thing is from apple? Should the band strap be touching something that has an earth connection? And not the desk pad?

  18. "Tommy, Tommy! Got a killer idea: Copy paste of existing product, not even rebranded, and call it our own."
    "Okay, what are you going to call it?"
    "After an abundantly obvious and low effort public unveiling, this is the best part. I call it SLOBS."


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