SARS-CoV-2 causing DNA damage? New hypothesis proposed – COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 19

In this video we discussed previously published hypothesis from early 2021 of how SARS-CoV-2 virus could indirectly lead to DNA damage of infected cells. How this proposed mechanism relate to vaccines is also discussed.

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  1. Natural infection remains limited to contact location, lungs, stomach, etc. is vast majority of cases where it is beaten. In rare cases it becomes blood born (viremia) and becomes systemic. The mRNA vax is injected by needle and becomes systemic by default. It is far more dangerous. All those antigens travel to the heart, brain, blood vessels, etc.

  2. Hi doc it looks colder then a titches wit burr!!! I've not been vaccinated and I have not been ill and I hardly ever get visitor's so unless a bunch of feverish People suddenly showed up on my doorstep I don't get I haven't had a flu shot in over 5 years I've lost a couple of friends during this man made bungle in the jungle do I have a immune I try to drink kambucha and cut a lot of Red meat I've been exsposed to a couple of things a friend who had mersa?I didn't know until she was hospitalized and I had to gown and mask visiting but prior I was helping cleaning their house without a mask years ago scared the softserve outta me sars? We need better overwatch protocol in place and quit trying to kill our global neighbors learn how to forgive and love one another peace pot and micro dot make unconditional love available for all and as much as you want fill up your pockets bless you brother we need a better way of saying Enough to the loons across the aisle like kids who go quiet you know are up to no good and catch them just in time of burning the block just as there try to figure out a matches the first time

  3. Yes, this could happen. But this is a non-beneficial adaptation for the virus. And, in any case, this cell death is typical for virus-infected cells. This could explain some of the inflammation and cytokine storm symptoms. But, what you're missing is that even if the cells don't die through the mechanism you and the authors describe, the immune system's killer T cells will identify and kill infected cells anyway. The possibility of the vaccines being a problem in the way you describe is very, very remote. We would have seen evidence of this by now. I think you are getting excited about nothing.

  4. You are the sum of every virus since man was swinging from the trees and vaccines are only a recent thing. My hypothesis is the paranoid try to force vaccination, they had the vaccine but are still paranoid showing they have no confidence in the vaccine at all, yet everyone else must have it. Both do nothing to the DNA and the weak will be removed from humanity during this natural selection event.

  5. It's hard to imagine that an Experimental Chemical Concoction Compound injectable with a Spiked Protein attached, that NONE of the manufacturers have to take responsibility for and the manufacturers have a history of a MINIMUM of 25 side effects for each of their previous products including Death, would somehow make an Experimental Chemical Concoction Compound that does not destroy the Human Body.

  6. In 2011 I contracted a virus with many covid symptoms! A ND reconstructed the same virus in 2019! Consequently my sense of taste comes and goes! I've had side effects since my last phizer vac! And my immune system is poor! I've tested negative for covid 19 but have not been completely well since 2011!

  7. A guy died in a motorcycle accident where I live and the funeral home owner told someone the death certificate was marked covid. One of my 13 yr old boys had covid he got a runny nose the rest of us didn’t have any symptoms. My cousin got the vaccine she coughs herself to sleep every night. Not touching the vax.

  8. So Moderna and Pfizer is the only vaccine does the mRNA and other vaccine are okay? I know Covid-19 is real cause several close friends and family died of it! If your not sure and don’t have the vaccine why don’t you work with covid patients without any PPE and tell us about after?

  9. Thanks for posting this video which I understand is based on a hypothesis just now, but as someone who has had covid (delta I assume due to the severity) I would be concerned about these findings if true. If the spike is changing DNA then that applies to catching the virus naturally so I guess my question is, what test(s) would need to be done to see if ones DNA has been altered and if cancer or other disease is now more likely due to cell damage.

    Thank you and much respect to you,your channel and the information you share so honestly.

  10. All of this stuff becomes much more simple when you finally understand that Co-vid 19 was manufactured and the vaccine and all of the boosters have nothing to do with public health. Geez! What does it take, people?

  11. What do you think about protein vaccines like Novavax, which use a paaive none active spike proteins? What about the vaccines which use a dead Virus like Valneva? Are such vaccines safe alternatives?

  12. Yes gret news, now we have a more powerful reason to make even more money selling even more drugs, at least 4 to 5 jabs per week per person madetory else you will be shot because they don't have a jale big enough or send you to a island fare far away maybe even loaded on a rocket, after this pfizer's stock will go beyond 5 triljoen with in a year.
    Please tell me I'm so so wrong?

  13. Holistic well-being is the only way to well-being. We're complicated creatures, us humans. (Having said that, I hope for your own wellbeing you didn't submit your body as a lab experiment to the Big Pharma gods.)
    Also: never heard of apoptosis being compared to a piñata – that was genius!

  14. Forget the vaccine, early treatment is equally important. What happen to ivermectin and Zinc + HCQ/quercetin? Covid19 is a treatable disease, why people forgot about that? Suppression of early treatment of Covid-19 is a crime against humanity. This is serious, no one should die if CDC, FDA, and NIH are not suppressing early treatment.

  15. More theories…in the end, we will look at this as the vaccines being fine and no long term effects. Just that the vaccine wasnt as great as they said at the beginning. In the future there will be pills or nasal sprays instead and this will be just a blip in time.

  16. I believed this from the start , as a friend does trials for some these drugs, and I remember a few years after. the trial was going she had called out of sorts and asked what was wrong, and she said remember the trial I said we were working on and I said yeas as I was there when she was doing it , any way. it got pulled , or stopped however you want to say , , this was years into this trial and it was from people getting sick years later I was interested in what she was involved in and she explained , quite a bit, and fast forward to know all this was going on , and again we were talking and she had said she wanted to do the J anJ. trial. and I said what are you talking about , she said I dont feel like iam doing enough , I said you are infectious disease DR. , and if you go take this vaccine and something goes wrong who do we have on the front line , and I said to her you know what this is about and you know about how long this takes to get a drug passed , as I said 10 years , so after this conversation , Jand J got pulled as it never made it , and the country were she is at Pfizer will not give them vaccine as they are holding countries so they have no liability, as you go on Pfizer sight and it says they take no liability and this is under a exemption under emergency use only , as I have had the shot I was not going to take but ended up going and arguing with dr there about this e vaccines and she said oh there is no problem all is good but I have friends that do this so I take astra zenika. , and get very sick , I then find out that it got pulled , well lets say lost it , a dr that has taken a oath to do not harm tells me no problem but then there is problem , now I dont believe any dr because they dont have a clue ,, so complicate matter worse , they ran out of the same ,but canada was undecided about the drugs , so I take Pfizer , shot , , then I find out I cannot travel anywhere because I have two different brands. , are you guys fucking nuts really , so Justin took astra. first then another not the same but he is in the states well how did that work , and then to find out that other countries are not letting Canada into there country as USA was doing trials on the drug and was not considered a working model. and they say trust the science , really were is it , now I have to take a booster so I have two of the same as my own dr said that they are going back and forth on that and he said he dont want me stuck in other country , so. by the way I have MS. and this was not good for me as I had a onset of new symptoms , but they said it was ok , really how is that you dont know if the brand is staying or going and the other has no liability clause and anybody with a head on there shoulders would not buy a new car with out a warranty but we are giving are lives to somebody that has BS us over and over, ,and then Drs went to med school so we are were we are and drs cannot agree but went to same schooling .

  17. Im anti Vax but honestly this could all be wrong as well as you an I don't no what the vaccine formula is so any theory on what it does is just that theory. It's a slide of hand trick that's forsure

  18. Any one who breathes air, drinks water, consumes food, drinnks alcoholic beverages, uses cosemetics, soap, uses chemical cleaning products, wheres clothes made from man made fibers or lives or works around any is subject to DNA damage.

    I'm afraid your only hope is to not have been born in the first place.

    Blame your parents if it makes you feel better!

  19. And what tells DNA what to do? I read in a book, (an old one from the library since they are changing definitions) that said mRNA was what tells DNA what to do. How are they engineering mRNA to do this and how do we know it's actually safe without enough clinical testing?

  20. Assuming the virus was man made…. could it have been encoded with some kind of optogenetic component, the techs been around for a while maybe it's been perfected 😬.

  21. So is the dr claiming the virus damages the DNA OR the vaccines? Can someone answer me please? I’d rather get the vaccine than the virus. I’m double jabbed with Pfizer and considering Moderna for my booster

  22. Yeah! That hypothesis is a total BS bwa ha ha ha ha!😅😄🤣😂😃🤣😄😄😁🤣😂😃😂🤣😃 Whoever came up with that hypothesis is either crazy or got the idea from the ETHER! Bwa ha ha ha! 😃😂😄😅😅😂😃😂😁😄

  23. Perhaps an honest basis for everyone would be to start calling these injections en Maße as the gene therapeutic initiative that it is, instead of a vaccine. And, history taught that Mengele was the exception.

  24. Thank you for the video, but I am curious why you are walking while you recorded the video. The quality of the video would have been better if you just sat down and recorded it. I know it doesn't change any of the substance of what you are saying, just trying to make a comment regarding the quality of the video.

  25. Fauci is paid more than the USA President directly from the defense department. Has been studying bio weapons. He and Birx lied directly to President Trump while keeping Doctors with conscience far away from the WH. Its always been about the jab. Globalist eugenics, population control. Genocide. Ask yourself who's excluded from the mandate? USPS, CDC, illegals…..while our Military, first responders, citizens and now children must be vax'd. Why? Cv19 99% recovery rate.

  26. The manipulation of viral profiles and the effects on DNA? What could go wrong? The certainly offered by the creators of the vaccine is inspirational… apart from being granted legal immunity for ill effects of its creation… guessing they're worried about the quality and safety of thier products? Still the quality and intellect of our public health and political leaders will protect us… oh… the changes in public health advice, policies and totalitarian methods… reminds me of the Soviet agricultural scientists who did wonders for their citizens.. politically driven medicine.. very 1930's.

  27. Thank you for being honest in your analysis. I hope the pharmaceutical industry will not use its money, power and influence to stop new studies that could confirm this study about the potential harm of mRNA vaccines, which would jeopardise their product and profit.

  28. I really appreciate how you present the information.👍 Giving honest, truthful analysis of the information is extremely helpful and needed when so many are looking to push a narrative particularly in favor of the drug companies. 👍😇


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