Santiago to Tiangco: Your haircut shows you are an iconoclast

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  1. I think Miriam Defensor is the second of the Wisest , really full of wisdom and knowledge human being that ever lived here on earth, second to King Solomon 😊👍Salute to your wisdom Madam Defensor , how I wish naging president ka sana ng Pinas , Hindi ang nga Walang kuwentang Namuno long time ago except Tatay Digong and PFM😊👍

  2. iconoclast
    icon: something of great sociocultural value (i.e. the philippine flag is an icon of the philippines, same goes for its tourist destinations)
    clast: destroyer of something (i.e. osteoclast, destroyer of bone)

    iconoclast: destroyer of something of great sociocultural value


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