Sanjay Dutt Opens Up On Drugs, Jail & Cancer | The Ranveer Show 193

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One of the most special episodes of The Ranveer Show, with none other than Sanjay Dutt. He is someone whose life has been looked at, judged, and commented about like no other in the industry.

In this episode, he spoke about the three most difficult stages of his life. The first was the phase when he went through the phase of drug addiction during his twenties. The second was the most difficult phase of his life when he was convicted in jail. And the most recent one, as was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. In this conversation, we went deep down for all three phases and how he had the “Kar Har Maidan Fateh” mentality to come out of each as a warrior

It was a huge honour for me to talk to him on such a personal level. Sanjay Dutt opened up like never before only on #TheRanveerShow.

#SanjayDutt #bollywood

0:00 – Introduction
2:20 – Lord Shiva’s significance
3:13 – Values for his children
5:43 – Looking back at his life
8:10 – Drug addiction
11:18 – Effect on ‘hard drugs’
13:15 – Fighting addiction
16:14 – Sanjay Dutt’s bounce back
17:10 – On “Providence”
20:51 – His time in jail
21:45 – Sanjay Dutt on “Hope”
23:13 – Sanjay Dutt on “Cancer”
27:09 – Last Thoughts

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Comment (0)

  1. what a genuine and truthful person, everyone makes mistakes, this man has actually spent time in jail when politicians who do much bigger crimes live in five star bungalows, Hats off to Sanju Baba, real Nayak

  2. There is need for such in depth conversations with celebrities, there's so many layers in their lives. The normal talk shows are shit. You may like them or not, there's lot to learn from these bollywood peeps. Thanks Ranveer for bringing out this side of Baba 🙏❤

  3. Hey Thanks Ranveer! Thanks for this podcast! I love this guy because – whatever the world thinks about him, I know in my heart – he is a man with a heart of gold and balls of steel! Love you Sanju baba!

  4. Yea ofcourse this is true that theres a cure for cancer , but if they cure the disease , there wont be any money , cannabis oils , the pure ones have the power to treat so many diseases like parkinsonism and. All but they wont do that . But thats how the world works ….

  5. Why does someone like Dutt?????? He is one of the men behind the 1992 Bombay blast. He was in jail for 5 fking years, and now I have to take motivation from him😂😂???? He was arrested under the provisions laid down by the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act(TADA). 257 people died that day! and 1500 people were injured! …If we have to take motivation from someone then they should be our DAD and MOM, who have never been in jail! Never killed someone and most specifically who don't need GUNS to "protect" their family!!!

  6. Itne chote chote podcast kyu bro. I mean kam se kam 1.5 hours k hone chahiye. I really like your content lekin itne chote hone k wajah se mann nahi bharta.
    Pls do something about it. 🙂🙂

  7. Sanju sir is haryanvi by descend…i respect Sunil Dutt sir alot.Sanju sir is so intelligent ,he know every aspect scientifically and logically of everything…sanju sir,love from my family…take care😍🙏

  8. Ranveer you've got great confidence,
    You seem like my elder bro thank you for being a guardian of mental health and making good content that has ability to change the perspective of someone's life. Thanks bhai❤

  9. Sanju used the word hope instead of expectation. So ranveer tried to correct his statement by quoting buddha.

    Expectation is an act of anticipation. Whereas hope is wishful desire which has no promise of fulfilment. It may or may not come true hence no anticipation.

  10. Ranveer I request you to please invite Acharya Prashant on your podcast, he is intellectual and exceptional Vedanta teacher, aise Drug addict criminal ko mat bulaya kar bhai.

  11. so much respect for you sir ❤❤❤ I love you . it's your hardwork and focus on your communication skills which has made your personality so great 👍 keep it up and take care ❤❤❤

  12. Please do podcast on Astrology as came to know that it was imported from outside…we only had panchang and astronomy…these are ills which later crept into Hindu society. Thanks


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