Samsung Display showcases flexible OLED screens

Flexible OLED screens could change the way phones, laptops and other electronics are designed. Glimpse the future of technology with Samsung Display.

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  1. That rollable AI speaker that's display equiped is amazing. Personally would like to see a google device like it with a cam that pops out of the speaker when confroncing for privacy purposes. The mic could also very well that with a pop up feature where you tap on the area where it's hidden.

  2. honestly the durability of the fold is somewhat beside the point in my opinion, it mattered when the tech was new and it was more of an issue but these days I'm more interested in the scratch resistance of the screen. I've somewhat gotten use to the indestructible nature of gorilla glass and I'd like some extra assurance that if a piece of dirt gets in when I fold the screen that there's not going to be an eternal mark on the screen. For now that's what's holding me back from a fordable display

  3. They all look good and fancy. Ultimately, the success or failure depends on the pricing of these displays. Despite being a sucker for tech and new gadgets, I find it difficult to fork out US$2000 or above for a foldable mobile, unless I hit the lottery jackpot that is 🙂

  4. That rolling curved display by Samsung I wish could come in handy for streaming video calls from your phone you just need to place the phone somewhere or streaming video games. Yeah that sounds hard to believe now but if a specify soft was developed then it would be real. Sci Fi thing, isn't it? Don't tell me something like that already exists. I haven't seen it yet.

  5. Samsung products usually need a few years to iron out all the kinks, but I'm very grateful that they continue to push the bar for new designs and concepts. I'm sure Apple is too, especially when they get around to doing the same thing in 2032.

  6. The Samsung folding screen is incredibly delicate. The lightest pressure puts deep scratches in it. There is no way a folding phone with the screen hinge exposed, could ever be practical.

  7. As a Fold 3 user, I’d upgrade to the Samsung Fold G in a heart beat…IF they also had a cover screen like the Fold 1, 2 and 3.

    It’s one of two major reasons I chose the Fold 3 over the Surface Duo – just able to use the phone without having to constantly opening it up. It get’s old fairly quickly having to unfold just to do basic calls, legible messages and notifications.

    For those that don’t want a screen disturbing or distracting them, there are or ought to be standard options to ‘not disturb/off’ for screens anyway these days.

  8. I just want to bring these foldable devices in the 1800’s to mid-1900’s, casually use them in public, and see people’s reactions. I might get robbed, kidnapped or accused of being a witch but I think it’s worth it if I can resurrect in the present date 😂

  9. I wouldn't mind seeing a vertically expanding center console screen in cars and trucks- like a 9 incher that stretched to 18 vertically in the dashboard…

  10. Role + fold would be great.

    Then the internal display can finally be 16:9
    And the outer display can be 18:9.
    Only problem would be battery size but 3nm processor & ltpo displays can make up for it,

  11. I could see wanting a smart speaker to open up into a display, but then what you already really want is a smart display. I cannot see anyone wanting their current smart display rolling up into a cylinder, it doesn't save space or offer anything productive. This leaves us with not very many use cases for that form factor, no matter how eye catching it is. You'd have to dedicate enough space for the unfurled dimensions anyway; it's like collapsible laundry baskets, when are you stowing it and not using it? Even when empty, you need somewhere for inevitable dirty clothes to go, and you're not grabbing a collapsed hamper from under the bed or behind a dresser for the half day, tops, that you have no dirty laundry.



    The screen cracks too easily, scratches too easily, has no protection, if you tear off the “screen protector” it breaks the phone.

    Don’t buy this crappy phone until it gets affordable because it’s really stupid as it stands now.

    It works like a normal phone but, with a crappier screen. Your finger nails scratch it easily.

    Not worth the price.

  13. That 17" folding display would be awesome for a portable gaming setup, provided it has a decent refresh rate and low input latency. Couple that with a decent stand (Like Asus' monitors) and it would be perfect

  14. It's all gimmick. At the end of the day, as much as we all hate it, all of these companies are gonna end up copying Apple over and over again. Consumers never learn. These companies never learn. This is just a fad and it's simply gonna pass.


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