Salt (Extended Edition)

Angelina Jolie stars as an accused CIA agent on the run in this action-packed spy thriller that’ll keep you guessing until the end! © 2010 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Beverly Blvd LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Love this movie. AJ is one of my fave actresses. Though, I thought the extended version had the scene where he let her go from the chopper and this ending, following into her retribution/revenge? Still great movie though. =)

  2. Geez, the cut out the part where she takes revenge on her boss and all those other guys, right after watching them kill her husband. Kind of doesn't make a lot of sense without that — and the clear evidence that her husband is what she really cared about.

  3. At First I didn't like the beginning I try looking for a lifetime 🍿 movie but as I continue to watch this movie it was full of action stunts and very good I highly recommend this movie

  4. This was an interesting new version.
    Not a significant sample but all the actors I have met are — irregular at best.
    As one such, she is not my favorite person but she is one of my favorite actresses. 2014's Maleficent was — is — a tour de force. She can tap the haunted parts of her spirit for our benefit.

  5. How do you leave out the helicopter scene? That is where the trust of Salt and Agent Peabody is solidified.
    And they took out the scene where Salt kills those who killed her husband.
    A great movie – Everyone played their role with perfection.

  6. You expect me to believe CIA agents are that bad at shooting a blonde woman!
    She is such a bright color blonde haired woman standing a few feet away!!

    How the hell could trained agents miss!!?

    An average Man could’ve shot her!!

  7. I usually read comments before watching but this time I just watched and holy shet! NEVER a dull moment, on the edge of my seat constant action. Never heard of this movie (am I living under a rock?) but just blown away ecstatic! It's a must watch movie in every way.

  8. I always wants to grow up and be a spy when I saw this, now I’m in 3rd grade and getting closer to my dreams, I already got the CIA application

  9. Im a Antarctica spy in America gathering Intel on football scores to take back to the exploration team so we can see who one or loss the bets, looser has to clean out the side

  10. I loved this ending!! I don't need to see Salt get hit anymore, like in the helicopter!!
    Just perfect revenge at the end.. Orlov drowning in the same way as Mike!! But! Got a real joy seeing him being shot in the crotch!! I wonder which ending Jolie preferred!

  11. So they forgot to put missile proof steal within the poorly made concrete walls surrounding one of the most if not the most secure area on this planet! I had enough and refuse to watch the rest of this crapola! She does have a sexy body. I rather watch Gilligan's Island next!

  12. A exceptional intense action packed and entertaining movie. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing YouTube.

  13. I totally agree. This ending is INFINTELY MORE SATISFYING, than the theatrical ending with the helicopter escape. Jolie held that chilling merciless stare at the end that personified that line from Macbeth, "revenge is a dish best served cold."

  14. WOW, i was looking forward to the original movie to pass the time, had no idea this ending was going to have me on the edge of the seat. excellent way to toss this beautiful ending in!

  15. I'm an actor based in N.Y.C. and I did extra work on this! I worked the scene of the funeral for the vice president. We did shoot at St. Bart's Church in N.Y.C. for about a week on Park Avenue! I'll never forget the paparazzi across the street with their zoom lens taking pictures during the takes! Insane! The explosions on the alter were added in later, the director would yell 'explosion' to get us all running out!

  16. ☯️ great movie negative viewing
    Vice versa though, in me to strike first, can handle the strike back
    Wonder if America's situation now has anything to do with it. Trump is married to a Russian.

  17. Angelina Jolie is one of the best actors ever. She has earned her place in the All Awards that a actress can get. And beautiful on top of all that. Brad Pitt should let her have the children and stop hassling her about the winery they bought together. She has tried to do the best she can about it but he is so obsessed with making her life miserable and can’t see the harm he is causing her. Cool off Brad and work on being friends for all of your family’s sake. Your making yourself look really bad. Remember, there is absolutely nothing like a woman’s scorn. You can’t get what you want doing things the way you’re doing it. Take a step back and realize that you are going about it the way. You probably still love her to be treating her this way.

  18. NOPE don't like the alt ending… AJ was a bad ass in her movies Salt was a BA also so leave the ship scene and the ending they way it was… SALT2

  19. Well gentlemen, I have seen it before and I remember it and they didn’t cut anything out so I don’t know what the extended version was because it’s exactly as I remember it and I remembered it not being so great Not bad but not great. I guess you gotta have the hots for Angelina Jolie and appreciate it😁

  20. It’s amazing how many female law enforcement females maneuver so well in heels. Must be a continuing education class for those who REALLY want to show their stuff. And come to think of it, short men would probably benefit, too!


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