Luke Wright (Jason Statham), a former elite NYC detective, is thrust into a life-or-death chase for Mei, a young Chinese math prodigy, and the complex safe combination she’s memorized. Wanted by both a ruthless Triad boss and the Russian mob, Luke and Mei must pull out all the stops to outwit, outshoot and outfight their underworld enemies in this explosive thriller.

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  1. 6 days till Sabbath
    Sun. 3 Apr. 2022
    Ames. IA. USA
    Where has this been hiding.
    Never watched it before.
    It turns out that it is good.
    I thought I had already watched all the good movies out there.
    ¡Thank you for posting!

  2. Young Ms.Chan was precious. And J. Statham, as usual, can do no wrong. Second viewing. Thanks for the upload. Big Picture Window, Showcase Movement. Oh, the humanity!

  3. Great movies like everyone has said…. Just an observation…. Why is it the star of all these bad ass dude movies is the only one that can hit what he shoots at? A rifle with a scope, near miss, automatic weapons – so close but no hits…. dude being shot at pulls his fanner fifty hand gun and shots folks while running at 2 or 3 hundred yards…. amazing skills.

  4. Wow! What a wild ride that was. Incredible gunfights and action, never a dull moment. I love how it turned out after all that.Thanks, it is getting hard to find a good movie that I have not seen. This was Great.😊

  5. If you like action this is the movie for you. I lost count as the bodies of the dead beats went down. Plan your work and work your plan, know your enemies, and have a friend with an excellent memory. Pay backs can be costly and rewarding. Luke (Jason Statham) a former NYC detective says: I don't collect garbage, I take it out. Enjoy.

  6. This was a very good movie. And little Catherine Chan handled the bilingual script, the acting, the facial expressions, and the motions like a much more experienced actress.

  7. Loved the movie.
    The little girl was just brilliant in this movie. Hope she has a very long successful career in the field she has chosen and hope she stays safe from the evil of her chosen industry.

  8. I love this movie so damn much! The first third is naturally a bit rough, but still pretty okay. All of the antagonists have fairly reasonable motives and methods, making the life of Luke REALLY hard while not killing him for a reason that makes sense. Once our two protagonists meet though, the tone shifts, and things ramp up! I love the way they both save each other in their own ways, with the sight of her in trouble stopping him from committing suicide and fighting for her, and her literally saving his life at the end in two different ways!


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