RV Living Quick Tip: RV TANK CARE (Prevent Black Tank Smells)

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RV Living Quick Tip: TANK CARE: In today’s quick tip we will help you prevent smells from your black and great tanks. We will give you tips to show you how to prevent black tank smells and how to prevent grey tank smells. For more details head to the Stop Black and Grey Tank Smells blog. Link below.

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Comment (70)

  1. Great video guys! This is definitely a topic people have trouble with. I'm very glad you mentioned the vent on the roof. So many people overlook this and wonder why it smells in their rv. Hope to see yall out there sometime! Happy Camping!!

  2. Over the years I've found Dawn® detergent to be the best treatment you can buy. If it's gentle enough to clean crude Oil off of a baby Duck, than it's more than adequate for the black tank!.

  3. I was so happy to see someone else wiping off grease and food bits before washing! Yes, we go through a lot of paper towels but I use the choose-a-size type and it's better that the grease is in the trash and not the gray tank.

  4. I was tremendously impressed with the tight delivery right up until the bloopers. Now I’m impressed with the meticulous editing! Thanks folks, for showing us you’re human.

  5. After we empty the black tank, then followed by the gray tank, we would always put a cap full or 2 of Pinesol in our black tank. Worked wonders😃.

  6. We use the borax & dish soap solution and it works like a charm – BUT here’s an added BONUS TIP that really helps.
    Once you’ve EMPTIED the tanks and you’re getting ready for a drive day, ADD borax and soap with about a gallon of water in each tank. Then while you’re driving along the solution can shake, rattle & roll all around in there and swish it clean while you drive🤙🏽

  7. Just my personal experience but the RV Digest-It was the worst smelling stuff I have ever experienced. Whatever they use in their product made a terrible smell in my tanks and it was instantly cured by switching to a different product.

  8. I ordered my shirt last week and can't wait for it's arrival. I use Unique also and pour some down the sink to add to the gray tank. Cross fingers but I have had no odors in the camper.

  9. I use the HC EXT in the spring and then the HC during the use and on our last camping trip I use the EXT fill tanks about 2/3 full drive home and the next day I drive over to the KOA about six miles away dump the tanks the blow out all the lines use 4 gallons of antifreeze for traps and valve seals for the tanks so they don't dry out. 12 years never a problem I never run antifreeze through my water lines.

  10. Remember the black tank is a storage tank, not a septic tank. It's the urine that goes into the black tank that activates most of the smell……and, turning off the roof mounted exhaust fan during the flush will stop the odor from coming back up the toilet and into the coach.

  11. You don't want to leave your gray tank open – it will leave a 'valley of solids' in there. Think river how sediment is built up on the edges. I use to leave mine open until a few days before emptying black. I only leave it open now when the temps are below 25 cause I leave the water running not trusting the heat tape and other cold weather precautions.
    I don't put TP in the tank. Just as easy and less problem of a blockage by putting all TP in garbage.

  12. To clean tanks ( grey water smells as bad or worse than black water tanks ) Use electric dishwasher soap , don't use dawn dish soap unless you want to make bubbles while driving down the road . Then add a 1/3 tank of water to the tank and drive to the next destination . To keep smells from coming out of the toilet if it is not holding water try pouring a little cooking oil in the bottom of the toilet around the seal , works every time . DON'T leave your grey tank valve open , it's what you will use after draining the black to clean out the drain hose .

  13. I tried to order the unisex football jersey but when I click on it a different shirt comes up. Does that mean it’s out of stock?
    Love your channel! Thanks for all the how to’s. 😊


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