Russians Lost Another T-90M?

Yesterday, a video came out of what is claimed to be a T-90M tank, getting destroyed in Ukraine. And I have had a lot of people ask me to properly ID the tank…


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  1. It doesn’t matter what model Russian tank this is. The munition that destroyed it is powerful enough to kill any model tank in the Russian inventory or in NATO for that matter. I wonder what type of munition was used?

  2. Очень вероятно что это Т-64БВ российский или Донецкой/Луганской милиции, если посмотреть на видео уничтожения Т-64БВ то очень сильно на них похож данный экземпляр, особенно динамическая защита на башне, она вся находитсч под одним углом и прямоугольная, а в основном на другиз танках она идет дугой или не имеет на столько выраженную плоскую прямоугольную поверхность.

  3. Puh! What a relief for those tankers' families that they didn't burn to death in a pretty T-90M 😮‍💨
    The RuZZians could be rolling around with their half dozen T-14 and it wouldn't make a difference.
    This isn't WoT or WT, but a REAL WAR.

  4. Doesn’t matter what kind of tank that was, that was a brutal counter attack, and anyone in that tank didn’t survive. I hold no malice towards the soldiers doing their jobs, only with the leadership of their respective countries who have decided to settle their differences through military action. These young men are dead, and not just dead, but died a brutal absolutely horrible death. I pray for their families as they grapple with the harsh reality of war, and what is has inflicted on their hearts.

  5. Russians or not, people should keep in mind in these kinds of videos that its not just a tank getting blown up, 3 people die on the video who probably didnt want to be there.

  6. OK it's not a T-90M but as the most advanced tank on the front , i don't get why they haven't put an active protection système on it , not a lot are made so it would not cost that much to equip them with that kind of système

  7. The real question is why is Putin scared to use his T90M’s and T14’s unless they are paper tigers. The only other thing I can think of is Putin is worried his tankers are cowards and will leave his precious advanced tanks for Ukraine farmers to steal and lose his technology. Putin has resorted in using very obsolete T62 tanks in Ukraine that are no match for Ukraine’s T64 thru T80 tanks. Goes to prove Russia is no match for NATO. You want to win a war you use your strengths not handicap yourself.

  8. Do something on Iranian Karrar tank. It is now is service and there is multiple changes and different kinds around for the Military for the IRGC. They are doing multiple tests in each region of which will do good etc.

  9. Since the start of the mythical "Kherson offensive" Ukraine has lost over 150 tanks and many other armoured vehicles,not forgetting the certainly more than 10,000 KIA/ wounded they have suffered. Only military fan boi ignoramuses will think 1 Russian tank is prelude to driving Russia out of Ukraine.

  10. Still a very modern modification. Russia is losing this really badly and they deserve it. May all Russian tanks be destroyed.
    Most destroyed T-72 B3 which were destroyed were modern modifications, 2016 modifications. Russia is indeed sending in one of their best but not those unique and low in quantity ones. They don't even have enough 5th generation jet fighters to make up a platoon.

  11. It’s not the T90M Moscow doesn’t have enough off them to waste in Ukraine as they are to easily destroyed and it’s to much a propaganda win for Ukraine as happened when Russia first discovered they were easy meat on the battlefield for javelin and NLAW plus Russia knows it would only be one or two weeks before Ukrainian forces would end up capturing them and using them against themselves so no Russia won’t let their forces use them

  12. eh if its either russia tank, still part of the turret flip olimpics and add that to the list too and we are around 1030 tanks lost to date. but hey "RuSsIa Is DeCaDeS aHeAd Of ThE wEsT" in both tactics and equipment.
    Still same tank design since the mid 60" even though they have "made/designed" new tanks. Its just rebranded/badged t-64's same shitty hull, hardly protected auto loader and crew protection. but changed road wheel position and change the turret. But they added improvements! better armor etc or "but they have arimid anti spall coatings" you mean the same stuff they have in LvL 3a bullet proof vests that any rifle will go through? If a tank is penatrated that coating isn't going to stop much if not any of the fragments/spall that comes from a sabot going in excess of 1500 m/s.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that the explosion originated from inside the tank? The explosion occurred as soon as they shot the second round. I can't see any projectile actually hitting the tank.

  14. American or German tank gets destroyed
    Comment section: "Just more proof that NATO tanks are trash."
    Russian tank gets destroyed
    Comment section: "Well, no tank is invincible. That could happen to any tank."


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