Russia comments after they VETOed resolution by Ireland and Norway on Syria – UNSC Stakeout

Informal comments following the Security Council meeting on the Middle East (Syria) by H.E. Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, on Ukraine.

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  1. The only important statement here is Russia admit that they will automatically veto any proposal that is not theirs.
    Then they claim is a breech of trust don't like they preposal.

  2. The US and Co. Have no business in Syria. The Russians are in Syria by request of the popular and legitimate government of Syria. The US have gotten way to big for their boots. What is really odd regarding the US administration is how many influential elements have Israeli dual citizenship, it does raise some important questions, especially regarding US foreign policy in the middle east. It seems apparent that these so called governments are no different to organized crime syndicates pushing their own personal criminal agendas with taxpayer money. It's a disgrace, these people are amoral narcissistic psychopaths. Their actions cause massive human suffering while they sit in absolute safety.

  3. The fascist talks about what is "our common project ".
    As if he decided what was decided before.
    We propose the solution . if you refuse it is your responsibility.
    6 equals to zero he repeats like a parrot.
    Like if it was elementary school logic.

  4. what a great man, diplomacy has a lot to learn from the Russians, I am more and more surprised by Russian diplomacy, Congratulations from a Portuguese citizen

  5. this "reporter" doesnt even listen towhat he said because she simply wants an answer that suits her and not what he actually has to say. He spoke soo clealry and yet she is like ohh so it seems like you are not open to further negotiations… excuse me sweetie, what part of his statements did you not understand? the f k

  6. I have some questions if anyone would care to provide brief answers to.
    1) What was the nature of "the homework that he was referring to?
    2) What as the content of Russia's draft?
    3) Why are they unwilling to consider another draft?

  7. Pathetic man asking other nations to abide by resolutions when the Russian Federation BLATANTLY violated the UN charter in every immaginable way.
    Massive double faced clowns should be kicked out of the UN

  8. Russia proved enough to become the number one terrorist organisation of the world, leaving behind ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, or any other in the list. If still the world can't declare Russia a terrorist organisation, then it's really shameful and unfortunate 😐

  9. People are dying everywhere. The interest of foreign government only amplifies the prosperity of successful people in the regions faster. Usually a brain drain is most common, but people that stay would have been successful anyways.

  10. Amazing how many people seem to love Russia in the YouTube comments 😂 These clowns should be booted out of the UN until they leave Ukraine. What's the point of the UN otherwise

  11. And the problem is that UN is still spineless and russia has veto rights. Last couple years we have seen many idle organisations – WHO, UN… Yeah, the times we live in.

  12. russian war criminals have the right to veto still. Global communist GULAG is on the roll and somebody very powerful in the world support it. Even "catholic" Brasil support them, maybe catholics and communists are not so different after all.
    United Nations is a joke.

  13. The west need to stop working with Russia on everything and re form the UN and G8 and UN court of human rights in a way that is more consistent with Russia as our new enemy. No illusions Rusian is the enemy.

  14. Even though if that draft are agreed upon, they can and will still break it because they had been doing so everywhere in the world since time immemorial. They are a CURSED BUNCH.

  15. Even just considering the March vote to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine, it does not mean Russia is ‘isolated’. This is just Western vanity. Some countries were coerced, perhaps. And a lot of countries probably ultimately chose to condemn it on principle, ie any invasion should be condemned. That doesn’t necessarily mean they hate Russia or Russians, or wish to isolate Russia. Why are western journalists these days so much dumber than everyone else, and why despite their stupidity they still get treated as though they’re not dense and ignorant?

  16. This is just an ego thing, they don't want to pass the Russian draft because of ego, that's pretty much what he's saying I feel like when he mentions "hypocrisy"

  17. Journalist: "Are you disappointed China didn't vote no with you on the first resolution?"

    Polyanskiy: "China is a sovereign state – They have their own interests. We are allies, we are partners, we respect each other. But it doesn't mean that we always see things eye to eye on every issue."


  18. Serious question, when the USSR dissolved, why was it replaced with Russia in the UN? Russia wasn’t a founding member? With that logic every country apart of the USSR should have a veto lol

  19. He destroyed them but the 🐑 won’t listen to him because they are so brainwashed that they believe everything their government is telling them.

  20. The west is exposed. Pigs, incompetent, arrogant pigs (the political class that is). And the whole world knows it now, thankfully the western people are waking up to it.

  21. It's hard to deal with Russia because they're not to be trusted….it always was like that ….even if something is done right than they call it wrong

  22. The resolution from March denouncing the invasion is history and not current state? How can he even compare this current, ongoing crisis to a resolution from 1948 or 1950? If he doesn't want to talk about 'history' maybe russia shouldn't have demanded Nato roll back to 1997 borders prior to invading Ukraine. This wasn't even a good job of trying to deflect the questions.

  23. “What our American and uh.. British and other colleagues are now trying to imply, is that six equals to zero. And, that there is no will in this draft that we proposed to extend this resolution further. This is, this is totally fail, I told you several times that, my, uhhhh, arithmetic is not very bad. It’s not very good. So I think that six doesn’t equal to zero.”


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