Russell Westbrook Reacts to Kings DJ playing “cold as ice” every time when Russ misses a shot!

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Comment (436)

  1. The Lakers don't deserve Westbrook, its just another excuse for Lebron and AD to not be winning, be nice if they took some responsibility for the team being in shambles rather than always blaming the new guy.

  2. Bro I can’t stop thinking of this comment that I saw on another video and it just kill me everytime I see him now🤣🤣

    Coach: Russ I need you to go out there and make your teammates better

    Russ: its Russel Westbrook time

  3. I believe Russ is saying that he is in his position for a reason & he proved that in his last 14 yrs but respectfully ppl don’t care about the past .. it’s now & beyond so Russ gtta hit the gym more than usual or something but he has to get it together .. halfway into the season already

  4. It’s a shame it took so long for the world to realize how bad he is lol he’s the same player he’s always been and now it’s a problem. He’s always been a poor shooter, awful decision maker, gambling defender, turnover, 100mph machine.

  5. Westbrook honestly got 44 millions this season not to give a crap what's said about his performance and 47 million dollars next year not to care either. Y'all do know any player in the league getting paid millions to do something that they love to do since childhood really don't care like we expect them too.

  6. Russ is done. Watching his lowlights the biggest reason he sucks is because his explosiveness is pretty much gone, his age has finally caught up to his game at 33. He doesn't blow past defenders anymore and he doesn't jump over everyone anymore, which is why when he penetrates the paint he's struggling to finish at the rim and getting assists. Right now since time has caught up his to explosiveness, he's forced to be a skilled guard now, which is something he's just not… It's sad not seeing him destroy rims anymore.

  7. Russ should go back too OKC where's he comfortable. Triple Double king!!!

    Of course he's not going too shine playing with Lebrick!!!! Nobody gets glorified playing with lebrick !!!!

    Some how some way they always find a way too make sure Lebrick make the playoffs and the king of NBA 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

    Also Klay Thompson bringing drama too Golden State (Blueprint , Premeditated) ….

    If yall pay attention the NBA REALLY TRASH !!!!

  8. He always shines with less star players in the team cause he’s the best player usually in the team, then come playoffs he usually sinks like Paul George. It’s like the playoff nerves came early for Russ this season. Home town pressure, playing with Bron = more eyes on you. He got hit with the usual playoff pressure & sucks for him but this is the last call for Lakers to figure this out cause I can’t even imagine playoff now if he’s acting like this regular season.

  9. Honestly he needs to slow down and take it easy with his game….
    The season isn't over yet…..
    If Westbrook fails to make any meaningful impact in Lakers this season— am afraid he might not get another chance again…
    I wish him good luck 👍…

  10. Russ is gonna get it together watch he’ll figure it out, especially once AD comes back, but to all the haters don’t jump back on his tip when he gets back to his normal self

  11. He went to the wrong place but refuses to accept his true role, hes a stat chaser, mind you I like Russell but he just doesn't fit with LeBron and Co. Idk where he should be but he shouldn't be running the point, it's why he has had record breaking turnovers. He needs to be somewhere he can just rebound, move without the basketball, st picks and cut to the lane bcuz he's hard to guard. Work on his free throws bcuz he'll go to the line alot like LeBron does but the 3's and long jumpers aren't his game. He cannot conform to the multiple changes bcuz that's how he plays and he's done it for years, veteran, so good luck Russ I hope you find a spot somewhere on this team but it's not gonna happen unless he changes his routine and it's in his DNA too much now to play his way. ✌️💙

  12. I do believe he is trying to figure out and adjust every game to find a better version of self to help lakers.
    You can clearly see for the past 3 games, he tried hard to cut down turnover. and it did cut down a lot. but what happen was he assist less and become somehow overcautious about his TO. That also explain those forced shots and layup.
    I am not positive about it. I doubt he would figure out. But just saying he does tried to adjust.

  13. the lebron effect is real he doesn't always gel with other stars fact trade and move on this is a business Russ still has game to offer a younger team thats a fact . just not here .

  14. It just goes to show how he doesn’t put any work in the off season and not enough studying on his game. His game has always been based on his athleticism and he knew it but never put in the work. He’s never hired a shooting coach, when his free throws started getting bad or his mid range shot. Never learned poise and playmaking skills. And too much ball watching for rebounds like we been saying smh. If he’d focus he can be a great on ball defender, cuz he used to be. Hope he wakes up.

  15. I like russ he is a decent nba player i just dont like his game being paid 40m because its just not worth that ever. Even in his triple double seasons it wasnt that good …

  16. Bro taking his licks like a man and remaining humble able to take a joke and keep going you can tell the bad performance changed his demeanor and confidence. Give the man some slack yea we all knew him goin to the lakers wasn’t The move but hey it happened already ease up on em ppl

  17. Russ singlehandedly solving the homeless crisis by providing tons of shelter with plenty bricks every other night

    They'll eventually builds statue of Russ in skidrow

  18. Karma's a mother f*** you treat your fans like crap for 14 years you act better than everybody in the league including your teammates the fans the refs. You're surprised what's happening at the end of your career


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